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    Why is there no focus on job creation at all?

    The Union Finance Minister has increased the housing tax exemption upto 3.5 lakh for houses, that is, on the interest component. While this is fine, not much has been talked about fresh job creation. For example, an amendment to the atrocious NEEM could have been made by making it mandatory to employers to pay PF even during training period and also regularisation after three years of training; as of now, the poor guy gets to do fairly regular jobs after one year of training and is not even paid PF. No regular job at all. The poor guy goes on hunting for regular jobs.

    Our great PM and his team should note that contract and casual jobs is no answer. There neeeds to some effort to increase jobs; we cannot afford the capitalists to become rich at the cost of the poor man.
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    Our Finance Minister says that she has covered the job creation too. One has to go through the budget and its annexures thoroughly before posting any query on the budget. She is ready to answer any query raised by the opposition party for any query in particular. Just see her interview with the media. She has explained the job creations too. We need to look into the budget thoroughly.

    Do you want her to say that they would create one crore jobs on the paper and do nothing?

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    Sir, there is nothing on paper. All fantastic statements of intent only. Where is the concrete action plan? Am afraid that there is nothing.

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    Job creation has become a big paradox now. The Govt is not keen to recruit more people in Govt services and wants that people should be accommodated in private sector or self employed business. This is a big paradigm shift from the earlier times when plenty of Govt jobs were created without considering whether so many hands were required or not. We are habitual of that phase but now Govt neither desires nor is in a financial capacity to recruit people just for employment sake. The abolition of Govt pension in many departments (except defence sector) and introducing the NPS scheme was in continuation of this thinking only. So, only hope for increasing employment is now the industrial and service sector growth which has potential to accommodate more hands for their regular work.
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    Many feel that it is only intent and there is no content. But FM says there is more content in her budget. All cannot be assured government jobs. Developing industrial growth, helping the public to set up their own business or self- created jobs is the way to provide employment.
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    Job creation is a big challenge for any Govt in a populous country. Govt can only create conducive business environment for doing business and for ease of business but jobs are to be created by the industries only. Today self employment is becoming the mantra for success. There are no white collar jobs to feel proud of.
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    The Government is spending a lot of money on paying salaries to government employees. A major portion of the tax amount paid by us is going towards this only. If more and more government jobs are created without assessing the requirement for the sake of employment the economical condition will get spoiled.
    So the government has to encourage industrialisation in private sector and self-employment avenues so that everybody will have the means to earn and live a comfortable life. I think some attempts are being made in those directions.
    Something is better than nothing. At least some people are getting some amount under this NEEM scheme. I will look at that scheme like this. Anyhow this unemployment is a serious problem that is being faced by the people these days.

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    Rao Sir, no industrialist will ever go bankrupt if PF is given. As one who has worked in the industry, you will jolly well know that the learning curve for many jobs is six months or less. After this period of training, if the poor NEEM trainee is given PF, that is social justice. That is exactly what we call social justice. Similarly, for the unskilled labor, the minimum wages should be Rs.700 in metro cities like Mumbai and the other four metro cities including Bangalore, Rs.600 in all B class cities, Rs. 550 in the smaller towns and Rs. 450 in all other places. Will the Government have the guts to do this?

    Our fantastic PM and his cronies have only aided the rich to become richer. The so-called skill India is only to produce more and more casual and contract labor. What if the trainee is given regular employment, with just Rs.1000 increase in salary every month? Including the long-term benefits, the total package will increase by just Rs.35,000 Sir. And can you believe it Sir, even in the manufacturing companies, the Managers walk away with a fabulous car allowance of Rs.15,000 per month, at the minimum?

    We are in effect, revisiting Karl Marx now. The gap between the poor and the rich is so huge. It can only sow the seeds for another massive revolution. In Tamil Nadu, where the people are very literate, the BJP is seen as the worst capitalist party. And our great FM goes on record to say that the petrol price increase will result in better roads. Who can travel, when the prices of every single food item ( raw materials like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, all the spices and what have you) go up the roof? Even today, the people are using the share auto rickshaws and the buses. In our fantastic State, the Minister swindles so much in the transport department. The buses even in Chennai city are in a shambles. No one ever cares for the common man. Not Modi at all.

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    Siva Kumar Garu, You are a thorough person in HR and you have very good knowledge in that. Many of your articles I read and I appreciate your talent. In my post, I never told you that by paying PF an Industrialist will become bankrupt. I want to share my experience with you.
    There is a small company in Hyderabad making some mechanical items. It takes every year some 10 to 15 ITIs for their apprentice and after that, if there is a good worker it will absorb him. Similarly, if someone from this NEEM is found to be good someone will give him a job with all the facilities. That is why I said in my earlier post something is better than nothing.
    I agree with you that there is a lot of exploitation in the industry. No doubt about that. It is true that the employee should get all the facilities and he should get all the benefits. I am with you about that. For that first of all let him become an employee. That is what I think. If I am wrong in this concept I will stand corrected. All the best to you.

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    Sir, based on merit they should confirm. But at least in Chennai, it is sheer exploitation. This great Modi has made life miserable for the common man. Am told those who are frustrated start working only to fixed timings. They are angry and argue with bosses since for the same kind of work, they are paid much less. This exploitation should end. At least few should be absorbed in merit. Let us hope that this will happen.

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    The results of the recent general elections proved that unemployment is not a big concern for the public. The job data which was initially denied by the government before elections and accepted once the results were declared indicated that unemployment was the maximum during the last term when compared with figures of the past 45 years. The present budget is also silent on the creation of jobs. Probably the government is not much worried about it. Creation of jobs does not mean only the government jobs. It also means that the policies of the government should be conducive for the creation of jobs in the private sector. The jobs so created should be not of contract nature. The employees should have job security and all the benefits that go with it.
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    Sivakumar Garu, I fully agree with you that there should not be any exploitation. But do you think it has started now?
    There are four types of workmen in many private factories. One is a permanent worker. Second is a contract worker. The third one is the piece rated worker and the fourth one is badli type worker. The outsourced worker also comes under the contract worker. A permanent worker will have a union and he will fight with the management and get good salaries. The Casual worker will work for minimum wage hoping that he will get a permanet job after some time. A badli worker will come and wait at the gate for a chance to work on that day. A contract worker will get payment from the contractor and management will pay a lump sum to the contractor. The piece rated worker will get paid based on the production they have done. All these types of workers will do the same work and only the permanent worker will get good money. The productivity from the other type of workers will be more than the permanent worker but at the same time, they will be paid very less.
    So I feel in India as long as the employers and the government officers go hand in hand the things will be like this. There are many rules. Same work the same wage. But are they following?

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    Sir, the workers you are talking about were at least paid PF. But under NEEM, this is gone. This is exactly what worries me.

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