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    Stress, an integral part of our lives these days .

    These days are the days of competition. You perform or perish is the order of the day. In this world, one has to run to win their bread but can't walk. To cope up with this busy life is very difficult and many times we will get stressed. This stress has become an integral part of modern life.
    Some people who are mentally strong will handle the stress very cleverly and they will never succumb to stress rather a stress will succumb to them. But people who are not that strong mentally will get troubles with stress. If one can think that stress is a part of life and can study the problems without losing calm and cool they can be successful and will have a healthy life.
    I like to know the views of members on the better ways of managing the stress.
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    Life keeps throwing challenges at us, and anyone unable to cope with those challenges becomes stressed. Life has become demanding, and the problems begin early on in life, starting from school. It is essential to take one day at a time. The struggles will not go away on their own, and we have to make an effort to lessen them.

    Taking time out for one's self is crucial. Doing things, one likes to do decreases stress levels. Individuals must adopt healthy practices to reduce stress. Listening to music, painting, going for a walk or a run, enjoying nature and playing with a child or a pet, etc., are recommended for relieving stress. If we don't find time for ourselves, life can become a living hell.

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    Life is a challenging journey and we have to face it with patience and hard work. Working stress will always be there and threat of stiff competitions will also play an important part in affecting our mental set up.

    I fully agree that keeping oneself engaged to hobbies and interest in one's spare time is the key to keep the stress and depression away and many of us use those time tested techniques for containing such negative elements in our life. One has to be active and pursue the goals as that is the primary potion for success but at the same time should relax with hobbies to compensate the accumulated stress and strain in one's life.

    Stress is a strange entity and even the inactive and lazy people can have it. So, we should not be surprised if over exertion or overactivity sometimes induces it in us.

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    Stress is common nowadays due to lots of day to day rising responsibilities - some genuine but some misleading. From a school going child to an elderly person, everyone seems under immense stress these days and unable to cope up with the problem. Head of a family is stressed due responsibilities that he has to carry, looking after his or her children, some may be a tense due marriage expenses which nowadays is becoming a costly affair and a grand wedding becomes compulsion especially for poor parents whose daughters are getting married. Or running parallel or head to head with your neighbors or relatives in business and want t to becoming rich makes you stressed.
    Due to the stress in life, playing with children, having fun with your family members, going for a short trip with your family and lot of other activities are diminished in our daily life, which otherwise could release a lot of pressure and make a person rejuvenated. A small moment of joy is better than a thousand pennies, as it lifts a person from all burdens and stress, makes one energetic! Always take some time to share some beautiful moments with family members and friends. It will really ease stress and provide some light moments of happiness and joy.

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    If we do our work with interest, generally it will not lead to stress rather one can enjoy it. The problem comes when we are in a state of fear for our performance and the related career threats in our life. That starts the building of stress in us. There could be many other reasons also for stress building. In any case the stress is a harmful thing and somehow it is to be contained. It is said that meditation and Yoga help in diverting the mind from the conditions exaggerating the stress. We can give it a try.
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