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    Do you like going to watch Drama/ Theatre?

    Most of us like to go to movies and they are a routine part of our life. But there is one other artistic and creative activity and that is drama/ plays. In drama, we find the real time action of the actors and actresses. A good performance with a good story in a drama can mesmerise its viewers and make a deep effect on them. Good quality dramas are generally available in big cities where such cultural and social groups are there to enact such plays for the select audience.

    Do you have interest in seeing these plays/ dramas? What are your views about them?
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    Many years ago ,while I was working at Madurai,I was a member of two clubs which presented a Tamil drama once a month. So I used to see two dramas a month. Then I used to go once in a while for a drama in an arts society n my native place.
    During school and college days,when TV and mobile were not there, the two main popular entertainments were drama and cinema. As there were many drama clubs in the neighbourhood I used to see many dramas and one act plays during my school & college days.
    Hoover for the last many years I have not seen any drama. Most of the dramas coming nowadays are either politically biased or being more dramatic and exaggerated. I cannot enjoy them.

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    I have the interest to watch the drama but never got a chance to watch it. In childhood in our society people used to arrange Ramlila during Navratri but nowadays they are not. People have stopped arranging them maybe because people find no interest in watching them. Apart from it, I have never gone to watch dramas in theatres or anywhere else. I have read that many of the film artists are from the theatre world. Theatre artists act well and their acting skills are much better than the people who directly act in the movies.

    In college days I used to participate in skits and dramas but nowadays I don't get an opportunity to do that. Moreover, don't find an opportunity to watch dramas.


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    I love watching both the dramas and movies. I have seen many Gujarati dramas as i am a Gujarati. In dramas, most of the time, i prefer comedy genre and Gujarati theatre is known for comedy dramas. I still believe that if you can act on theatre, you can act anywhere. Theatre provides you enough amount of freedom as an artist than in movies because on the stage of theatre, you have to act and respond spontaneously considering the probable odds of the situation unlike movies, there are no chances for retakes.
    So, as a admirer of Actors, i love watching dramas into the theatres.

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    I prefer watching these dramas and plays. During my younger days in our native place during Vinayaka Chavithi celebrations and Dasara celebrations, for 9 days we used to have various programmes and in the nights they used to arrange these dramas and Plays. I used to watch them without fail. There are days when I used to purchase the ticket and watch these drams. The real talent of the actor will be known in these areas only. There are no cuts and retakes. Once you are on the stage you have to perform. If you fail to perform well you will receive the bangs from the audience. It is like watching live on TV. Those days many good actors were there and they used to perform very well. When the portions are big, two or three people used to act. They used to call them like Krishna 1. Krishna 2 and Krishna 3.
    Slowly this art is getting vanished and nowadays we rarely see such programmes and there is no encouragement for these. But if there is any chance I will never miss watching these programmes.

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    I have interest in watching drama or play and have seen a few especially in big cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. Some of these dramas are really very interesting even more than the movies and cinema. Due to a flood of movies and entertainment in TVs this genre of theatre has suffered a lot and limited to a few cities and intellectual audience only. Still there are people who appreciate and enjoy this particular form of art which is actually our heritage.
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