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    What is the turning point in your life ?

    A major tranformation or incident which has a great impact on your life can br considered as a turning point in one's life. All of us would have faced a situation which has resulted in a drastic change . The movies we watch have a climax in them and that can also be considered as a turning point of the story. Turning point can imply to an individual,a group or even a nation. The Independence day was a turning point for our country,as it got its freedom after a long struggle.

    Each of us would have experienced a transformation in life and that would have been a turning point. Members kindly share your views and experiences on" The turning point in your life ".
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    Yes, there are some incidents or things which occur and they become a turning point for that person. For me, I was a very carefree sort of person in childhood. I never cared for anything. I never had a feeling or emotions for others but after my marriage, I was changed. I transformed into a very emotional person and got a sense of responsibility which I never took in my life and after having the kids things got changed totally. Now the people whom I meet after years they get shocked and ask me what has happened what has made me changed so much. It's very likely that our habits and nature change due to the things which occur in our life. I know a few people are so rigid that the incidents to don't let them change their personality but that's wrong we should change with the time and that's what we require to survive better in life.

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    A very interesting post by the author. Yes, it is true that there are turning points in the life of almost each and every individual. This usually happens when there is some tragedy in the life or something which shocks us or something unexpected takes place. Even a sudden achievement or severe set back in life can trigger this changeover.

    Turning points are sometimes good in our life if they lead us to brighter and positive side in our life but at the same time they might be disastrous if unfortunately they push us in the dark territories full of uncertainties and doldrums. We should be attentive in this respect as turning points can knock at our doors anytime.

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    While I was doing my B.Sc, I have completed my first two years and I got a very good percentage. In the final year examinations, the last paper is Physics. There was a gap of 4 days between the last and last but one paper. Just two days before the examination I suffered from fever and I couldn't write the examination. I scored very good marks in all subjects and I was absent for one examination. If I give only Physics examination I may pass and I will be given as compartmental pass and I will not be given any class even though the percentage is very high. Many of my friends and my family members advised me to attend only for Physics and complete B.Sc and then think of improvement. But I am not inclined to that. So I cancelled all my other results of the remaining papers of fimal year and I decided to write all the papers again so that I will be declared passed in first class and I will be eligible for studying M.Sc. Only my mother and her father supported my decision. I stood on my decision and appeared for all the papers and I cleared all of them once and I got more marks in all subjects than what I got in the previous examination. Then there is no looking back and I have completed my M.Sc and PhD with CSIR scholarship. I always see this decision as to the turning point in my life.
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    This is a great topic introduced by the author. I was the head boy, the most famous student and the topper of my school. The turning point of my life was when I was not able to secure a good rank in JEE Mains examination and thus, was not able to secure a good college. Everyone around me had great expectations from me, especially my teachers. But I let everybody down. For a year, I could not get out of this trauma and was almost in a state of depression. That was the biggest failure of my life. But now I have learned to live and cope up with failures and stress. Life offers more opportunities after every failure. Every failure opens a dozen doors to the path of success. This was the biggest turning point of my life.

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    Turning points are a point in one's life which makes or break a person. Every one at one stage faces such situations where feel alone, depressed, left out and tormatised. We need to overcome this problem but it often takes time and effort.

    The problem can be love, marks, friendships, job, relationships and sometimes support from family. We need to handle the situation positively. Many of us get depressed and fail to understand and find solutions but starts over thinking about it and often lose hope.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    I can't think of that one defining moment that changed my life. I have lived a normal life, so far, nothing dramatic has happened in my life that acted as a catalyst. I have kept moving, never been idle, grabbed opportunities that came my way and made the best use of my skills and abilities, to move forward. I also used every opportunity to learn from my environment.

    Having said that, I think every phase of one's life becomes a defining moment, without us realising it. The choosing of stream in class XI, qualifying entrance examinations, admission into a university, first job, stepping into the real world, moving out of home, finding a life-partner, getting married, parenthood… Each phase changes us; we become confident, independent, focused, caring, and passionate; it is an ongoing process for most people; we evolve with time.

    My understanding of defining moments is that they happen to those who take on the path of spirituality or when there is a dramatic event in their life or when they change for the better or worse. For ordinary people, life goes on, and changes keep getting added on to their personality. What's been your turning point?

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    Turning points come in our life and bring big changes with them. I can remember such points in my life like my change of school that landed me in an entirely different situation. I had to make new friends. I was in fact in a bad shape and it took considerable time for me to change so many things in my life. The second turning point was my marriage after which I had to go to a new place where there was no one known to me and I did not know the local language also. It was totally a new environment and I was not able to cope up with it for a long time till I could acquaint with some people and make new friends.
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    I can't be specific with any event as a turning point in my life. I had all these as turning points.
    My mother reached heaven when I reached seven. (A loss)
    I got my employment at seventeen ( A settlement)
    I got married at twenty-seven (An Attachment)
    I was elevated to a higher position at Thirty-seven. (Financial gain)
    I retired at Fifty-seven. ( To rest peacefully)

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    In the above post by Sun, he has mentioned in the last line " I retired at Fifty -seven. " to rest peacefully. I wish you would have omitted the words to rest peacefully. We only rest peacefully when we are gone, (this is what is my feeling) retired or not, still active and contributing is what your status is. Great going Sun!!

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    I wrote it so, because I won't be able to witness that last ending point of my life and won't be able to post anywhere. Nothing wrong in saying 'To rest peacefully'

    No life without Sun

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