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    This is not good for the site and us.

    I have observed that the participants even after registering for the contest are not coming up with the story. This is not good because the sequence cannot be completed if everyone doesn't participate in it. They should not have registered if they don't have enough time. What do you say?
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    Yes. An excellent e-book story writing contest. A steady moving story has come to a standstill. The registered participants have gone to sleep. The contest author could have reminded them through a PM.
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    Yes. I agree with you. In the ongoing ebook writing, an Editor we registered couldn't post his chapter. Then the next member has posted. Then another Editor who registered for the chapter has to post. But he has also not posted. Unfortunately, both contestants who missed posting their chapters are the Editors of the site. I think it is a coincidence. Probably they are busy and not able to write the chapter with in the time. But the authors are even not telling any reason for not posting. Probably this may be due to non-availability of any other thread with respect to the contest. It is good that once we register we should oblige and make the chapter unless otherwise, we are very very busy. In such a case, there should be a thread where the authors can say that they are not posting and the next author can go forward. I request the conducting Editors to look into that and do the needful.
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    It is really a matter of concern as it reflects on the commitment made by the aspiring member. At the same time let us see the other side of the coin also. The time given for writing a chapter is only 24 hours and most of us are having their part time affiliation in ISC. So, I have a suggestion to make that either this time is to be increased to 48 hours or the member who is missing his turn is to be accommodated at the end of the sequence and the concern editor can announce to accommodate him at a new sequence. This will facilitate those members to come up for the story at a later time. It will give him a second chance and I hope that he will not miss this time. Only one such chance to be given. It will help in continuing the story ahead.
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    Every one is busy and sometimes cannot mee the commitment made. We all are responsible persons and sometimes such situations happen that we are not able to meet our schedule.

    The in charge should change the order and ask the available contestant to continue and the complete the book or the current author can be assigned later for next chapter. This will help in completing the ebook on time.

    Let the working committee get in touch with the author and know the reason for the delay as there are many situations or reasons that cannot be discussed or expressed. We need to understand and keep our ISC friendly for every members.

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    The 24 hours time allotted to write 400 words is quite sufficient. 48 hours is too long a time. It is the duty of every registered participant to log in regularly and expect their turn.

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    Once a person registers for ebook writing then it is necessary that one should abide by the deadline. If everyone delays like this then what will happen to the contest. Alternatively we should open the registration for a long time to get more candidates for willing to participate.
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    I was one of the editors who had registered my name but due to network issues, I could not post the same and the author of the thread in question was informed. But before I could post a response to the thread so as to alert others in the queue, I lost my connection again and could not do so.

    No excuses and such possibilities should be avoided but again matters like electricity failure, net connection etc are unpredictable and so needs to be taken into account.

    That being so, it would be worthwhile to mention here that the author has already anticipated such eventualities and has made a provision for the next member in line to continue the story. So, once we register our names, we should also keep following the thread so that, as the contest rules suggest, the next in line to the defaulting member can go ahead.

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    I am not in agreement with the proposal made by Umesh. Even a person who can't have the time of a few minutes can't do it in 48 hours also. Then can we ask for 72 hours? Another thing is once as per the rule the opportunity is lost if we make it a practice to accommodate him in another slot everyone will try to use that chance by saying some or the other reason. For the sake of accommodating someone why should we change the rules of the contest. If you feel you can't do it let you not register yourself for that contest. That will be fair rather than asking for a change of rules and regulations and terms and conditions.
    Once we ask for a change in time, someone may ask for an increase or decrease of the word count. Then again another change. Like this, there will be no end for the changes. Anyhow conditions and terms will be in the hands of the Editors and they will decide whatever they feel is better.

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    Saji, it may be due to the bad connection but it's not good because that chain has broken now. There should be some contingency plan so that the story doesn't remain incomplete if members don't write the sequence on their turn.

    I propose if a member forgets to write or don't write due to any reason then, in that case, an editor should come up and write in place of that member.


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    After the Editor's miss, Suman Sahu missed it, followed by Partha, and it is time for Ajay to write a chapter till tomorrow 1443 hrs. Is he present?

    I wrongly entered the contest thread and posted this message erroneously and deleted.

    I request the editor concerned to remove my entry there.

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    Sanjeev, I have already mentioned about the contingency plan that has already been mentioned in the announcement thread and also about the action to be taken by the other members who have registered. Such instances happen mainly because we generally do not follow threads of which we have become a part.
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    Even after posting this thread, the concerned tail members Suman Sahu, Partha and Ajay B Mallickal did not turn up to post their chapters. It is time for the contest editor to act fast and make some arrangement to complete the interesting e-book.
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    An update has been made: please check my response #669901 in the registration thread for an update.

    We have instructed forum editors and those who organize contests henceforth to keep a daily check on contest-related threads and hope the participants will also follow up regularly as well so that everything proceeds in a harmonious fashion and the contest does not get derailed.

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