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    Will easing of angel tax norms help the start ups in our country?

    Govt in the recent budget made some measures to ease up the tax norms on angel funds. Angel funds are pumped by the angel investors in new or start up business venture in a hope of start up becoming successful and giving good returns. Angel investors are generally cash rich people and many of them are interested in new businesses for social and community development, environment control measures, new technologies for disabled and subjects like that.

    Earlier, a part of these funds invested by angel investors was subjected to tax scrutiny as the difference between share price offered to the investors and their fair market value was subjected to income tax. The new measures will exempt these start ups from income tax as well as scrutiny in this regard.

    It is hoped that the large number of start ups started in the hope of self employment as well as providing employment to others will be benefited by it and will be free from hassles of scrutiny and checking by the tax authorities. What do you think about this step taken by our Govt? Will this help the start ups to sail ahead smoothly?
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    I think it will help. Many people who are having money and want to invest will come forward for this. The Startups are for unemployed youth who are having the interest to become entrepreneurs and provide some employment opportunities for the youth who are in search of a job. Many of the youth who are having some problem in bringing in some amount for such business may be helped by this angle investors. Now with some tax discounts and benefits, I think more people will show an inclination to invest here. That will be useful personally for them, for the youth for creating employment and for the benefit of the nation also.
    I think it is a good move by the government. They should think of more encouragement to the youth by giving loans like MUDRA loans and see that more and more startups will come and this will give a boost to the employment potential of the country and some wealth creation will also happen. Let us hope for the best.

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    It is a very good move by the government. This is the era of start-ups. Uber, Ola, Zomato, Flipkart, Paytm, Swiggy, Urban India, etc were all small start-ups which have turned to become the top companies of India. Some of these such as Oyo have been able to expand their business in foreign countries within a very short period of time and contribute significantly to India's growth and economic development. The start-up funding is the major thing which decides the future of these start-ups. India has a lot of potential to grow with start-ups. Since the government has reduced the taxes, more investors will be attracted towards India, which is surely going to help our country grow.

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    Any tax exemption should give relief to the businessmen especially the small business or start ups. This was a pending issue for quite some time and every year during budget time the newspapers gave some news about this. Now in this budget something has explicitly mentioned so it will definitely be joyful to these start ups.
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    I must say that it is a good step that will provide more employment opportunities to the unemployed. Many business houses will come up. Earn and let others earn would be the mantra for this.
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