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    An Elephant entered Paddy Field

    Our First Lady FM, in her maiden budget presentation, while talking about the direct tax, quoted a Tamil verse from an ancient script called Purananooru -"Yaanai Pukuntha Nilam"(Elephant entered paddy field). She gave a very small brief and asked us to understand it without any detailed explanation. She said, "While an elephant requires only some amount of paddy to eat, what if the elephant enters the paddy field?"

    Members, What is your good understanding? Put up your explanation.
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    If an elephant enters our paddy field it will spoil the entire crop as the elephant is very heavy and it will walk on the ready to cut crop. It may eat a little or a portion of the crop. But the entire land will get spoiled and the whole crop will be a waste. Probably this is what she is referring. I have not heard her budget speech I was busy in my Laboratory in my factory. So I don't know in what context she used that. If the elephant is standing outside the crop and eating the crop is somewhat better than elephant entering into the field itself. Is there any other meaning and explanation for this? I don't know.
    There is a saying in Telugu which says that the fencing itself has eaten the crop. We will have fencing to protect the crop from animals. But if the fencing itself starts eating the crop and spoiling the crop what can we do? The Tamil saying mentioned by the FM may be a similar one to this, I think.

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    An elephant when entered into field, it pulls out all the plants of the crop but it eats a little. Till it destroys every plant it don't leave the field.

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    Elephant should be fed and it will go away but if it is allowed to enter the crop fields, it will destroy the full crop and do a lot of harm. Probably it means that people should be engaged and should not be left without job and unoccupied because in that case they will simply agitate and destroy the public property or create some other nuisance.
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    The exact meaning of this phrase is not understood and especially in budget speech in which reference it is quoted is also to be found out. I think people who are aware of this Tamil poem from where it is quoted can throw some light on the meaning of this phrase in reference to the budget.
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    Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the first lady to hold the portfolio of Finance. It was for a short period and as an additional charge. Mrs. Seetharaman is the first woman to hold the full-time charge of the Finance Ministry. The Tamil poem she quoted in her budget speech was in reference to taxation. The meaning of the poem is that a little quantity of paddy produced from a small extent of land is sufficient for the elephant. The elephant if it enters the field, will spoil more paddy than what it actually eats. This is the advice given to Paandiyan Arivudaiyanambi, a Pandyan King in those days.
    The Finance Minister while quoting the Tamil poem said that their Government believes in this advice. The taxation by the Government should be sufficient to meet its needs so that the taxpayers are not trampled with later on. I doubt her assurance and the taxpayers may be trampled time and again in future.

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