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    How can I start my earnings?

    I am new to this website and how cam I start my earnings?
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    First of all, welcome toIndiaStudyChannel. In the beginning, you should start participating in the forum section and try to learn about ISC by exploring various sections such as article section, college, schools and universities section, ask experts section and much more. You should first focus on learning rather than earning. You can earn by various methods. You may read this forum to better understand how can you learn and earn.

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    Welcome you on to this beautiful site for learning and earning. First of all, go through the help topics. There is a blue bar on the top of the page. on that, on "More" you click on and a list will dropdown. In that, you will find one item called "help topics". Go through that. It will give you a good idea about the site, do's and don'ts of the site etc. Then you read the threads which will appear on the top of the index of the forums and pinned with a red button. They will give you all the details about the guidelines to post in various sections of the site. Then go to the articles section and read the articles which are on the top of the index. They will educate you about how to earn on ISC and how to post articles on ISC. Then read the forums in the forum section and articles in the article section and the question and answers in Ask Expert Section. Then you will get familiarised with the site and you can start posting and your earnings may also start. All the best to you.
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    Welcome Hemanth on entering as a member to this educational and knowledge sharing site commonly known as ISC. If you are interested in learning and improving your writing skills and in the process want to earn some money also then you are at the right place. The motto of this site is 'Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn!'.

    You can get a lot of information by visiting the help section in this site but I will like to mention some basic things which can guide you to sail ahead smoothly here. This site contains many sections and you have to select those which interest you. This is the forum section where you have put this query. You can post here some topic for discussion and can earn points and some cash points also if your quality and content is good. Every week outstanding posts are awarded. Then there is 'Ask Experts' section where you can answer the questions raised by the members and new members. There also, your response can earn you the points as well as the cash points. You can submit articles in this site in the 'Article' section and can earn these points. You can submit information and courses pertaining to schools/ colleges which are not available here and can earn points by that. You can submit exam papers also to earn. Then there are job postings where one can rewrite a job and submit in ISC job section. There are many activities and one can participate in them. Every month there are various contests where one can take part and win awards.

    One thing important to note is that this site is highly moderated and do not try to copy content from other sites to post here. It is caught easily and strictly forbidden. Write in your own style and you can post as much material here as you wish. Offensive and slang language is also not allowed here. So, what I will suggest is go through this site and see the other forum posts, answers to questions and some articles and get a feel of the quality and standard here. Make them your bench mark and if you can do better than that is highly appreciated.

    If you want to make some earnings here then you will have to stay here for long as this is not a site for quick bucks. One has to contribute consistently and have patience and in the process some earnings will automatically come to you.

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    Welcome to ISC, and as other members have already explained in details how a member can learn, earn and share his knowledge and talents.

    This site helps you earn but not on fast track mode, you need to provide good contents along with good standards. This site is a well moderated one and you need to give or provide good, accurate and up-to-date information for your response and resources.

    Kindly go through all the help topics which will provide ample information about the site and postings which can help you to learn as well as earn.

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    Welcome to this site and if you want to earn here then you have to contribute in different sections and depending upon the quality and content you will be getting some normal points and may be some cash points. These points will accumulate on monthly basis and if found above a particular threshold will be paid to your bank account.
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