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    Why only Cash Credit for Answer, Why not some CC for Question?

    We need a base or platform for anything and everything. Nothing can start with Zero. Unless there is some point to develop, nothing can develop on its own.

    Here, I am talking about the Questions and Answers in Ask Expert section. Unless a member posts a question, no member will be posting an answer. The question forms the base or platform. Such a base or platform doesn't have any value at ISC. Why because, the question is never awarded a CC. While each and every answer get some CC, the question is utterly ignored. Why?

    I strongly recommend that each and every question posted in the AE section should be awarded CC.

    Dear ISC and Members, What are your views, comments and recommendation?
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    I think that depending upon the uniqueness of the question or how difficult is it, ISC may consider to allot some cc to it but giving cc to each and every question looks impractical or not viable. In its sister site 'techulator' for an approved question a fixed cc of 2 is given. But those questions are not general and of technical interest only. The idea floated by the author is interesting and will drive people to ask questions and let us wait for the response of the concerned editors in this regard.
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    I support the author's idea of awarding cc to questions in Ask expert sections. This will promote people to post questions in the 'Ask expert' section but awarding cc to every question is impractical. Depending on the type and quality of question posted, cc and points can be awarded to it.

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    Earlier the system of giving CC was there. But I think it was later on stopped I think.
    But my logic on this particular issue is different. First of all, why should you ask a question? You have a doubt and you want to get your doubt clarified. That is the purpose of your question. By giving a platform to you to table your question ISC is favouring you. This itself is very good favour for them. It is like we go for a piece of advice to a learned man. The man who is clarifying is favouring you and you should also satisfy him. Instead of you satisfying him by spending from your pocket ISC is favouring by paying money to the person who is clarifying your doubts as per his knowledge. That way ISC is spending on behalf of the person who asked the question. Is it not favour for him? So this is more than giving him a few CC. So I think the stand of ISC on this issue is correct. Anyhow different people will have different logics and viewpoints. It is all-natural. May be ISC considers giving CC to them also and it will be good for all if they give.

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    Mr Rao,
    Remember, it is our own member from ISC(not an outsider) who ask questions, not only to clear his/her doubt but for the benefit of the netizens who search for answers. Hence I recommend CC for questions too.

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    It's a good idea given by the author. But I doubt if the spammers will increase in the section and editors work will increase with it. Maybe that's the reason they don't award CC to the question but I am with the author as some CC should be awarded to the good questions.

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    There are sites where questions are also remunerated but that is when questions are not coming in sufficient quantity and you have to motivate people to ask them. In ISC sufficient questions are raised by the members especially the new members due to its speciality in answering the mostly asked questions on education and career. They need the help for admissions and career and they find that such questions are nicely explained here and they chose to ask questions here rather then in other similar sites. These are the students who are continuously crowding the Ask Experts section with their questions. There are few sites where such detailed answers are available. I have seen the answers in many sites but the quality and detailed coverage provided by ISC experts is unique and comparable to any other good site where such a feature of question answer exists.

    So considering this fact the ISC management may not like to go for awarding cc to questions. However to make it more interesting they can fix a minimal cc for all the questions but problem is most of that will not be realised as a large number of question raisers come here only for asking questions and do not stay long for other activities. Giving them some cc does not mean anything as it will not be realised by them due to their short encounter with ISC.

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    My views are that questions in AE need not get CC, because, it is very simple to think and ask various questions. This is particularly easy if one considers their experience in various professional fields. Formulating answers is more difficult and needs knowledge and or spending a certain amount of time on the internet gathering facts.

    I think we had this discussion some time back. Each question in AE gets 3 points. Although the person posting the question does not get cc, he/she can indirectly get compensated by the AdSense revenue sharing program if they have an approved google Adsense RSP.

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    I would like to go with the writer. The question may be unique, not yet asked or the one that is most searched can be a good thing for the site.

    ISC may not provide cc for all questions but when the unique or good answer is awarded, why not a part for the one who asked it.

    This will certainly help new members to asked more questions which are unique and helpful for others.

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    In this regard, I believe the cash credit has to be given only for the question which has attracted more visitors. Giving cash to every question is not a feasible option and it will unnecessary flood the Ask Expert section. Those questions which attract more traffic will get some revenue to ISC and thereby ISC can reward those questions suitably. This will make sure that only deserving questions are rewarded.

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    The responses in the 'Ask Experts' section only need to be given cash credits. There is no need for giving cash credits to the question as it was asked for getting their doubts cleared or getting more information. Those who have doubts will ask the questions. There is no need for asking questions so that someone may be benefitted.
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    Again I insist saying that it is the permanent members of ISC who ask questions in Ask Expert section to clear their doubt and also to earn some cash. Even if we know the answer, we can still ask a question in AE section for the benefit of others. It is just a knowledge sharing activity through ISCs AE section. As suggested by many members, the deserving questions should be suitably awarded.

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    Mr. SuN, I have expressed my personal opinion. You are entitled to your opinion. Hope the management takes notice of your point and take a positive decision. The ISC having many sections and the forum section is the most popular and the most participated. The revenue share bonus is distributed to very few but not to all the participants. This is also one point the management has to consider.
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    Members, You all said it. But I would like to read a convincing response from our Web Masters or Managing Editor or Editors.
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    As of now, the AE question is rewarded with 3 points and there won't be any c.c for posting a question in AE section. The basic reason is that members or any visitor to the site who posts his query as a Guest author should post his genuine query and get it clarified from the knowledgeable members. Allocating c.c to the AE query would defeat the purpose and there is no idea of changing the stand. The existing practice would continue.

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    Mr Patro,
    I think only a Registered ISC member can post questions in AE section.
    What do you mean by Guest Author?
    Is there any special door for the guests to visit and go?
    Who is a Guest Author?
    Can you name any Guest Author?
    Then why only points to the Guest Author?
    How it helps the Guest Author?

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    I have already explained the stand of ISC in this regard. Being a senior member of the site, there is no need to explain the concept of Guest Author. I am closing this thread.

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