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    Is it good to make cultivation as curriculum in school and college studies

    These days farmers are facing many problems. If an employer doesn't give salary for a month, the employees will agitate or look for alternatives. But a farmer invests his money on the land if there are no returns he can't agitate or resign and join in another job.
    These days nobody is interested in cultivations. A farmer doesn't want his son to become a farmer. So people who are ready to cultivate are coming down. At the same time, people who eat these cultivated items are increasing. So if all the farmers stop cultivation where we will get food?
    I think the government should encourage cultivation also as an industry. It should be made one of the curricula for the students so that they will get interested in cultivation.
    Recently I watched a movie in Telugu in which the concept of introducing cultivation as a curriculum is talked about. I want to know the views of our members on this.
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    This is a good idea floated by the author to introduce some basic agriculture and cultivation as a part of studies. Though in higher classes there is already a stream dedicated to agriculture but it will be good to have them compulsorily present in the lower classes.
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    I think, knowledge of cultivation is must for every human being. Author's suggestion is really important one. I have completed my graduation and still i don't know how to grow a tree. I don't have simple technique to plant a tree because cultivation was not part of my education and neither no one in school taught us. Therefore, in my opinion, the practical knowledge of cultivation shall be mandatory in education curriculum.
    As far as issue of Farmers is concerned, there are special college curriculums of farming running successfully in many parts of Gujarat and it is very helpful for our farmers and their son and relatives to learn scientific techniques of farming.

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    Agriculture or horticulture or cultivation, these are the primary things for the survival of mankind on this planet and it will be a good idea to inculcate the basic knowledge of these things right from the elementary school education. As we do practicals in science same way we can devise cultivation practicals for the children of these lower classes. Even the simple plantation is a cultivation exercise. This type of education curriculum will strengthen the basic knowledge of the children and make them sensitive to our environment and ecology. They will come to know how various life forms on Earth are useful to agriculture and soil revitalisation and what is the contribution of flora and fauna to the existence of mankind on Earth. This curriculum should finally transform as a part in our various entrance examinations and other job entries so that students take them seriously.
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    There are already courses in Agriculture and Horticulture. They are offered at Diploma and Degree levels. There are Agricultural Universities in many States. There is no need to cram it at the school level. The main problem with farming is that inputs are expensive and the yield is dependent on climatic conditions. Smallholdings of land are prone to losses. Cooperative farming may be a solution but it has its own problems. The farmers in our country are slowly adapting to newer technologies and reaping the benefits. The Governments should concentrate on providing technical advice to farmers to adapt their farming pattern with the climatic conditions and adopt newer technologies. Many farmers are going for alternative crops and getting very good returns in turn.
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    Very true. What we gain by learning the past history like what Akbar did and Aurangzeb did. Let us abolish this History subject from our syllabus and include Agriculture in our syllabus from LKG to University. We should learn the history of the world on our own, not from school.
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    It would be a good idea but I am afraid whether the present scenario of imparting education would cater such provisions. The present day child has already been prevented his right of spending his leisure time in the play grounds. There are no play grounds and sports rooms available in many of the corporate schools which are being run in Apartment mode of buildings. The entire system of education needs reorientation and importance to Government institutions should be given with proper infrastructure and mandte.

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    Good suggestion from the author. In fact, from the first class itself, the students must be taken to the fields and make interaction with farmers about the plight and their trying times. That would slowly make the children realize the plight of the farmers their urge to do something after getting qualified. By including cultivation as the subject, surely the children who are not getting interested in other streams may at least try for agriculture and make a living without depending on the government to provide employment to them. Nevertheless the BJP government should give a thought on this suggestion.
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    A good suggestion and attempt made to increase interest in cultivation. May of our members have shown their favor in this topic and I too stand with it.

    Every school can start a period, class wise where students are taken to fields, and make to work in the field, cut grass, plough, plant and grow crops, trees, plants, etc. Every students should be taught about various methods of farming, grafting, different fertilizers, seasonal plants, trees, etc. This will help them learn and the hard work that goes behind each food.

    Each class should be taught different things as per their age. I have heard that many countries have started these in their curriculum and it helps the children to learn more about the nature. We have all the resources but major of the items are imported. By bringing it in the curriculum, many people will learn and turn to farming.

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