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    Sacrificing professional career for hobbies at some stage in one's life.

    I have seen some people who were good in their professional line but after earning an adequate amount for their future, they stopped their work and started pursuing their hobbies. Most of the people will not do like it and try to earn as much as possible irrespective of their age. Especially the people in medical line, consulting and teaching remain active in their professional work till quite late in their lives.

    In such a situation it will be surprising to find that some people just stop working at an early time and then dedicate their time to their hobbies for which they were not able to spare time due to their professional engagements. Hobbies could be anything ranging from painting to singing but they want to do that as they had a passion for it but due to lack of time were somehow containing it in their heart.

    Have you come across such people? Please share your experiences or thoughts about this aspect in our life.
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    Please correct the spelling in the title. Yes, I have come across such people. Recently, my daughter shared a travel blogger's article with me. The blogger is around the same age as my daughter. She left her Corporate job at 23, yes that is right at 23, sold all her possessions, and started travelling.

    She travels extensively and calls herself a 'digital nomad'. She has gone to some of the most hostile regions in the world, and she has lived among the natives. How does she afford her passion for travelling? Well, she uses technology to fund her expenses. She is a blogger and gets paid to write features for publications etc.

    It takes courage to give up everything and follow a passion, especially in a country like ours, where the measure of success is determined by the positions people hold at the workplace. There is a certain kind of satisfaction in doing what you love.

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    There are many people who left their lucrative jobs to pursue their hobbies and social work. I read many incidents of people leaving their well-paid jobs to start schools in villages so that the poor children get a good education and come up in life. The NDTV in April 2018, reported the curious case of Mr. Nitin Biyani and his wife Pooja. They were software engineers earning a hefty salary. They left their jobs and started a "Chai Villa" in Nagpur as they wanted to do something that interested them.
    In the Team-Bhp website, once I read about a software engineer who resigned his job to tour all over India on a two-wheeler. He saved a sufficient amount to purchase a bike and fit it to suit is needs. He left with a very little amount and started his tour. His plan was to work in restaurants, petrol bunks, and other small establishments once the money is exhausted and continue his tour after earning a sufficient amount.
    Coming to myself, I had a few teaching opportunities lined up for me after my retirement. I refused them as I always wanted to travel to various historical and pilgrimage places in India. I had traveled to many places and very happy about it.

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    I too have read reports and watched documentaries on people giving up lucrative careers to start social service. I don't remember names, but some people gave up a cushy life to begin organic farming and feeding the poor etc.

    It shows that money isn't everything. Happiness comes from doing what you love.

    You can Google the blogger for more information. Her name is Shivya Nath. I love what she does, and I hope I could dare to do something like this - give it all up, live off suitcases and go where life takes me.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Thanks Juana, for pointing out that subtle but silly spelling mistake in the title. From this incident an idea has struck to my mind to write a related forum post subject of which I wish to keep reserved for some time.

    You have given examples of people who have left their career for their passion. It is remarkable to take such bold steps so early in one's life.

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    It is not very common as it requires guts to do so and leave the world aside but yes, there are cases where people take such decisions in life. I know one doctor who was very experienced and well known for his diagnosis but he opted for early retirement for his passion for reading books and singing songs. He told us that he practices singing songs of all types at least 2-3 hours daily and stores them in online karaoke sites like Star or Smule. Then he reads a lot, all sort of books. He is passing his time and enjoying it also. That is pursuing hobbies.
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    I tell you about my experience in this regard. My cousin sister's husband stays in Hyderabad. He was earning a lot of money in construction activity and supplying raw material to poultry feed factories. His business was going on very well. But when he was 54 years old and when he was at the peak stage of earnings, he decided to call it a day. Whatever pending works are there he completed in 3 months. He never accepted any new assignment.
    He started social service. He will go for any help he can do to the known people or unknown people. Even they need not come and request him. If he knows there is a need for somebody he goes there and does his maximum service. His two sons are in service and his daughter got married. So there are no financial problems for him. So he opted for this and I always appreciate him for his service-oriented mind. He never hesitates to spend a little money for the sake of other people and he does a lot of hard work for helping others. There a few people like that.

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    It's not easy to do that when you are the sole earner of your family. I have always wanted to be a teacher but destiny made me an engineer and I feel suffocated in the corporate world. I have been working in one of the best MNC but still, I feel I should pursue my passion but I cannot do that because I have two kids who are still to be thought well.

    I know many people have done that but not many get success. It's not an easy task and I don't know anyone who has done that except one of my friends.

    She did MCA from a reputed college and found a job in IBM, her husband has a good job. She always wanted to start her own business so she left the job and has been doing her business though she doesn't earn much still she is satisfied and gets plenty of time for her hobbies.

    She took the risk because she knew that her husband was earning well otherwise she might not have left that job for sure.


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    It is an interesting thread going on and I have another example to add here. One of my friend got a teaching job and it was very convenient for her as it was near to her hometown as well as fetching a good salary. We never thought she will quit. But she did it one day and joined a NGO where there was no salary and the work was to help the poor children and ladies in their education and making them self sufficient by self help women groups. She felt very happy there and motivated other unemployed women to join there.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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