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    Where is Dr. Subramanyaswamy? What is his comment on Budget 2019?

    I did not see any reaction from Dr Subramanya Swamy a renowned economist of our country who aspired to become FM of India. But Modi kept him away. Did you hear him discussing about Nirmala Sitaraman's maiden budget anywhere? He is a person who would tell the facts about the budget 2019.
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    The same thought is there in my mind. I have also not seen any comments from him. Generally, he will come out with very genuine remarks without thinking about the party and other issues. Probably he may be busy with some other important issues and that is why he has not come out with any comments. I have seen a piece of news in which Subrahmanya Swamy thanking Modi. But it is not about the budget. Some other issues. I forget that issue.
    Anyhow, I think his comments will be there in the news in next 2 or 3 days, I hope.

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    Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy mocked certain claims made by the Finance Minister in her budget. In his tweets on the budget, he used two terms' Hare Ram' and 'Sweet Dreams'. The members may refer to the internet to find in what context those two words were used by Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy.
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    Mr. Subramanyanswamy is a superior Swamy for the Economy. Surely, there is something to wonder about and say 'Hare Ram'. It is about getting into 5 Trillion dollars economy from the existing 3 Trillion dollars. Everyone likes to have a sweet dream. Unless we dream good, we won't achieve anything good. May the dream come true with Nirmala's maiden Budget.
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    As Sun has raised in this thread that we are not able to see Dr. Subramanya Swamy in news but yes he has commented on 3 points through tweet:
    - It took India to reach 1 trillion dollar but BJP has claimed to add 1 trillion in just 5 years and reaching 3 trillion in just 6 weeks.
    - GDP og our country is 6th in the world and in purchasing power parity are 3rd in the world, so which is correct, 3rd or 6th?
    - The farm income will double in 2022 from base year 2018 i.e. doubling in 4 years which means a compound average annual rate of growth of 18% per year and at present, the income is growing at 2% per year.

    May be he will come with the complete necropsy report, just be patient and wait.

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    Mr Swamy has a penchant for making critical comments and he is well known for this in the political circles. I read in the news that some case is lodged on him related to criticism of Mr Rahul Gandhi by him. At the same time he has lodged so many cases against so many high ranking people in the political arena and most of them are pending in the court. Mr Swamy is a very busy person from that angle as he is involved in all those things where he put up his claims aggressively and confidently. During election there was a lot of media coverage on him but now that is subsided down.
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    Mr. Varghese has explained the three points on which Dr. Subrahmanya Swamy made comments on the improbabilities and inconsistencies in the present budget. The present budget disappointed the industry as is clear from the losses suffered by the stock markets. The common man is disappointed as the rates of petrol and diesel were raised by Rs 2.50/litre which will have cascading effects on every commodity and service. The economy is not in good shape as accepted by the government itself. Let us hope for something good to happen. There seems to be a gap of Rs 1.6 lakh crore in the earnings projections of the government and the economic survey. There were no allocations for most of the projects announced by the government.
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    While Nirmala Sitaraman was Defence Minister, she roared that Defence should be given priority and all old junk items should be replaced. She compared the other nations' defence forces with our defence force and said that we should strengthen our forces. Yet she has not allotted more funds to our defence forces in her budget as Finance Minister. Am I right? Mr. Swamy would also tell this.
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    Dr Subramanyaswamy is a person who does not bother for any press publicity. He does his home work nicely and then only makes allegation on a person. His background work is generally very authentic as we all have seen in the case of late Ms Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu. Whenever press people approach him, he answers every question boldly and meticulously.
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