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    What would be after this?

    We were busy with Election 2019 - We formed the government.
    We were curious to know the Budget - FM presented it well.
    We are waiting to see the ICC world cup winners - We are hoping to see the World Cup in our land.

    After this, what would be the next interesting item?
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    The next interesting item which so far none of the members remembered is the Wimbledon. The Wimbledon Tennis tournament is going on. It can be watched from 3.30 PM on Star Sports. The point of interest is who will be the winners.
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    Now the present interesting issue is the Karnataka Assembly. What is going to happen there? Now the ruling party lost the majority and BJP is trying to form the government saying that they have the majority. This is an interesting point in politics. Coming to the sports as rightly mentioned by KVRR the interesting game is Wimbledon and who is going to win the cup is the point of interest.
    Like this one thing or other will emerge and we will have a lot of time pass with such issues.

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    Apart from the Wimbeldon and Karnataka political scenario, we have one important thing going on and that is the monsoon. If monsoon is not effective fully then there will be a big problem of drinking water in our country and the Govt will only be occupied with providing water to far flung areas. Let us hope that it rains above the average annual rainfall this year in our country.
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    Well, I think the next major event in India is going to be that whether MS Dhoni will retire after the World Cup 2019 or not. Most of us expect his retirement soon and chances of his retirement will increase significantly if India wins the WC. But in the end, the decision is upto the great legend itself. It will be a moment to watch out. Let's wait and see.

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