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    Why to conduct elections on the basis of the Party for MLAs and MPs.

    We all know that the MPs and MLAs are elected on the basis of the party they represent. In many cases, voting will be based on the party rather than the candidate. Many voters may not know the candidate directly. But based on the Party of his affiliation they may vote. Very rarely they go by the candidate.
    But these days we see many MLAs, who resigned to the party from which they got elected and join another party. But they don't resign for their MLA post. Now we are witnessing the drama in Karnataka. The same thing may happen in any state.
    If such is the practice why elections should be conducted on the basis of Party. They can as well as be conducted on a personal basis and they can elect their leader after the elections? Members. do you agree with me? What are your views on this?
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    I fully don't agree with you. Unless we have parties, we cannot control the crowd of candidates contesting in an election. To limit the number of candidates, party is the group that helps.

    Just imagine this. If a constituency has five lakh voters, and no party there, there would be thousands of independent candidates who will be able to pay a deposit and contest the election. There will be chaos. Will you like this? Will it be possible to print ballot papers with thousand's of names.

    I would say that a party is a regulatory body to have things in order.

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    Mr Sun, That problem is there now also. There is no rule that you can contest only if a party sponsors you. Who are all the independents contesting in the elections? They are not from any party. This time in MP elections farmers from Nizamabad of Telangana State contested as independent candidates as a protest of not fulfilling the promises made. There are almost 164 candidates in the contest. Separate EVMs are made for that Constituency.
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    The point raised by the writer is very genuine and we need to think about the same but as SuN replied, there is a possibility of getting huge candidature for the election, is another to be noted. There may be many other issues which needs to be seen before going on in candidature format.

    The only thing that a party or government can do is, as a new employee has to sign a contract when he joins a company, so also the MP's and MLA's should sign the contract, if he breach a contract, his position need to be cancelled. Every politician who needs to move away from the party, they can move but will have to resign from the said post. This will help the party and the government to maintain and run the country for a complete tenure otherwise there is always a threat of the sitting MLA and MP's threatening the party by backing off which will result in falling of the party.

    I know, this is not possible or out of context as no MLA and MP or even the government will come up or welcome such idea's as they too fall in the same heap.

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    Mr. Rao,
    It is not easy for all to contest the election. They need to have a small supporting group behind them. Such a support group will have a very minimum number to vote. They all will lose their deposits. Whereas the party would have lakhs of supporters, and they choose their best candidate. Unfortunately, in India, money and muscle power does the magic to become a candidate. No one looks for the face of a candidate but the party symbols viz lotus, sun, hands, elephant, drums, cycle etc.

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    The author has started a good discussion as why we should be biased by the parties rather than the candidates. In today's system the candidates are attached to the party and its ideology and there canvassing is also on the same ground. They talk of their party rather than their individuality. In that scenario the individual is masked by the party. The solution proposed by author is all right but how to implement it in the practical sense is a thing to ponder. In absence of a party how the like minded candidates will join and make a syndicate. Candidates will win as per their capability and not due to the stamp of party but how they will govern the country by forming some groups and who will be the leader of that group these are the questions which come in the mind.
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    This is a strange proposal as without a party the problem of absence of a common approach and ideology will be there. For functioning of a Govt a group of people required who has a common purpose for nation building. Even in the developed countries it is like that. If not more at least two parties will be required. In that case the Presidential system will have to be adopted by our Govt and necessary constitutional changes are to be brought.
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    My main concern is when I won on the stamp of a Party and when I resign for that party I should resign to the post I got also. But why these people are not doing that? Why there should not be an amendment in the constitution saying if any MP or MLA is shifting his party he should resign for his post and should re-contest as the new party candidate. Is it not possible?
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