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    USA is the new FIFA's Women's football champions (World Cup 2019)

    The FIFA's women's world cup 2019 has come to an end and USA has emerged as the new champions for the fourth time.

    There were 24 teams in the group stage. There were 6 groups and 4 teams in each group. Three teams would go from each group for the pre-quarters, i.e. total of 16 teams. The quarters will be 8 teams and 4 teams in the semis, and 2 in the finals.

    Providing only the route of the top 4 teams, i.e. the top 4 position in this world cup and their road map to this position.

    Pre- Quarters stage :
    1. Germany (3) beat Nigeria(0)
    2. Sweden (1) beat Canada(0)
    3. Italy (2) beat China (0)
    4. Netherlands(2) beat Japan (1)
    5. Norway(1)/(4) beat Australia (1)/(1)
    6. England (3) beat Cameron (0)
    7. France (2) beat Brazil (1)
    8. USA (2) beat Spain (1)

    Quarters Final stage :
    1. Sweden (2) beat Germany (1)
    2. Netherlands(2) beat Italy (0)
    3. England (3) beat Norway (0)
    4. USA (2) beat (1)

    Semi Final stage :
    1. Netherlands(1) beat Sweden (0)
    2. USA (2) beat England (1)

    Third Place :
    Sweden (2) beat England (1)

    FIFA World Cup Finals 2019 :
    USA (2) beat Netherlands(0)

    The position of the top 4 teams are as follows :
    1. USA
    2. Netherlands
    3. Sweden
    4. England

    This is a great and victorious moment for the USA team and it's their 4th time in the last 28 years.
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    A good summary of FIFA's women's world cup 2019 is provided to us by the author. It is really remarkable that USA has again made it to the top. This clearly shows how much concerned these teams and their managers are that they are leaving no stone unturned to practice round the year and are determined to win the match. This is the example of real zeal and ambition to achieve the goals in this popular game.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The continuous success of US team in FIFA's women's world cup 2019 is really praiseworthy. I think we should learn from these things happening in the world and accordingly motivate and train our sportsmen for excelling in their respective games or sports. When they can achieve it why we can not have same mark may be in some other game where our proficiency is good. These are the achievements which work like a benchmark to others.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    US Women's world cup FIFA has won this time also. It is the consecutive 4th victory for them. My appreciations to the team for winning the trophy for the 4th time. In the US there is a lot of following for this Football championship and many people show interest there for this game.
    In India, once the football was having a lot of fan following especially in West Bengal. But slowly it has come down and everybody in India is interested in Cricket than any other game.
    We should take the lessons from the US team and understand how hard work will help us in retaining our top class.

    always confident

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