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    Few of the songs are very touching to the heart.

    Recently I was watching the song "Namo Namah" of Kedarnath it hits my heart and mind and gives some sort of peace. The video of the song is also mind-blowing because of its beautiful scenes of Kedarnath. I am in love with this song.

    Is there any song which makes you feel good? Please tell.
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    Some songs are really very melodious and touching and affect our senses much. I am a fan of old hindi songs and still hear them and they create same effect as they used to create decades back. These songs are not only melodious but the lyric part is also very effective. They create a soft environment around them and we feel floating in that coolness and tenderness of those songs. They are a source of perpetual happiness and joy for us for innumerable times.

    Some of these old hindi songs are - 'Tum agar sath dene ka wada karo ...', 'Isharon isharon mai dil dene wale ...', 'Diwana huwa badal ...' etc. These are only the representative ones and there are many like that which when heard reverberate and remain in our mind for a long time. Really music has immense power to evoke fine sentiments in us.

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    Music not only touches our souls but it has a healing power too. Music is the best way to get out of boredom. You will never get bored listening to music. Why do mothers sing lullabys for the infants? I am sure they(infants) too enjoy and fall off asleep. All of us love listening to music, it could be classical,western or folk.
    I am also very fond of listening to old and new hindi songs, some songs are very touching. Also listening bhajans evokes a feeling of being near Gods. That is the power of music.
    Nowdays loud music has become trendy ,and some songs are vulgar . I do not enjoy these songs. People go to clubs and pubs to dance to the loud music and end up late night. Next day it becomes difficult for them to be up early morning. This type of entertaintment and music affects our health.

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    It is often said that you understand lyrics when in trouble or when one is sad or depressed. To be true, yes!, when we are happy, we only like the music and its rhythm but when we are sad, we listen to the lyrics and swim deep to its root.

    Some of the songs that I like as mentioned by the author are:
    1. Movie : Achanum Bappayum (1972 - Malayalam)
    Lyrics : Vayalar Ramavarma
    Singer : K. J. Yesudas
    Song : manushyan mathangale srishtichu, mathangal daivangale srishtichu, manushyanum manthangalum daivangalum koode, mannu pangu vechu, manassu pangu vechu.
    (English translation : Human/man created religion, religion created Gods, Humans/man, religion and Gods together, shared land and minds)

    2. Movie : Masoom (1983 - Hindi)
    Lyrics : Gulzar
    Singer : Anup Ghoshal
    Song : Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi, hairaan hoon main, Tere masoom sawalon se pareshan hoon mein
    (English translation : I am not angry with you life, Simply baffled by your innocent questions)

    3. Movie : Jurm (1990 - Hindi)
    Lyrics : Indivar
    Singer : Kumar Sanu & Sadhna Sargam
    Song : Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye, Jab koi mushkil pad jaaye, Tum dena saath mera, o humnava.
    (English translation : When something goes wrong, when there is a problem, you always stand by my side, o my dear)

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    It is said that music is to soul as food is to body. Music is a source of soothing to our mind and plays an important role of moderating our thoughts and agitation to calmness and peace. Listening music is a good hobby and it has some curative effect also on us and brings us out from the dark world of depressive thoughts to the brighter side of life. I also like the music specially the instrumental one where lyrics do not divert our mind to their meaning and directions. The soft and slow instrumental music including the classical compositions is very effective in mood moderation and relaxation of mind. It has to be like that as music had originally generated from the whispers, blows and thunders of nature.
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    Music is having strength. The music will be enjoyed by children, animals and even snakes also. This is the beauty. When we are in some depression or in a disturbed mood if we hear a good piece of music we will get better and we will become normal.
    As mentioned by the author there are many songs which will make us feel happy and touch our hearts.
    In Telugu, there was a very good poet by name Karunasree. His works are very well received by all the Telugu people. He has written some poems on a subject called "Pushpa Vilapam". The meaning of this word is Flower's sorrow. He describes how a flower will weep when a person cuts a flower from the tree. These poems were sung by the famous Telugu singer Ghantasala. A very heart touching poems sung by him.
    Like this, there are many songs in all languages which will give us a lot of relief when we are not in a good mood.

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