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    Will a cosmopolitan and peaceful society emerge if we all leave our culture and religion aside?

    People say that we should respect our culture and religion and then only we will be happy in our life and will also be able to sail in our journey of life nicely. Many of us believe in this doctrine and follow these things religiously. These people positively believing in their culture and religion will tell us many benefits also arising from these adherences.

    There is another school of thought in this matter as some people opine that all the problems and fighting in this world is due to cultural and religious differences and if these were not there then conflicts and confrontations will drastically reduce between the communities. So, if everyone leaves their religion and culture aside then a cosmopolitan and peaceful society will emerge from this chaos.

    Which one of above you think a better approach? Please share your thoughts on this subject.
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    Respect your culture and religion. But don't underrate the other religions and cultures. For you your religion and your culture are good. Same is the case with the other person. For him his culture and religion are good. If we understand and adopt tolerance towards other cultures and religions, the world will be peaceful. If there is no religion, then comes My country or then comes my family. So this "My" will be the root cause for all these problems. There is a good saying which says don't treat others the way you never wanted to be treated by others. If we understand this concept we will not have any problems. The society will be very good. But how far it is really I don't know. Can we see such a society where all will have a better understanding of the others? If we adopt live and let live policy, religion and culture will never come in our way to be good.
    Because of intolerance and jealousy, only all these problems are happening. These two qualities are to vanish. Otherwise, the world will be like this only even without religion and without culture also.

    always confident

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    To some extent there might be improvement in the world as regards to conflict and clashes but human nature is very strange. When there is no culture and religion then they will fight for other things less important. Fighting and confronting is in the blood of humans and I do not see any possibility of society getting rid of it by simply leaving one's culture and religion. It is also true that those who are blind followers of the religion are also creating many problems in the different parts of the world and the Govts there are trying their hard to contain those offences by these arduous followers. So yes, blind faith is not a good thing and we must follow the religious practices logically and rationally without hurting the sentiments of other communities.
    Knowledge is power.

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