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    Why do people go to temple to pray for a victory? Only we do it, not others.

    Today I have seen cricket fans going to the temple and offering prayers to the almighty Lord for a victory to India in ICC WC semi-finals. Is it really required? What do India or Indians gain except a name and little fame?

    Will India get any special reward/award?
    Will the cricketers winning the prize share some money to the government or the public?
    What is the great fun in requesting God to favour a win?
    Will God really consider the prayer?
    What if God fails and we lose the game?
    Is it not a super-smart futile act by the cricket fans?
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    Probably they go to temple to pray God to see that the winning chances of Indian team will not get spoiled because of rain or any other natural calamities. But today it appears as if sufficient members not gone to the Temple's and prayed properly. That is why rain started and the match stopped for a while. Finally what is going to happen God only knows at this moment. There are many no run overs bowled and they all will become a big problem if overs are reduced as per D/L method. Let us pray strongly and loudly for the victory of Indian team.
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    It is our religious practice to ask God for various favourable things in our life whether they are some personal wants or desires at the national level. It is a belief and if we get favourable result we are happy and if we do not then we attribute it to some excuses like we might not have sincerely prayed or things like that.

    Praying almighty is a conceptual thing. No one has seen God. It is a matter of belief and faith. When we have faith in something then the question of whether it will happen or not is only a conjectural thing. Many people have never been granted any wish by God but they still pray him just as a matter of faith as in our scriptures it is very well described that God finally listens may be sometimes late also. So it is as good as taking a chance. Only thing is by praying we have made God a party to it.

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    It's only because, in India, cricket is not just a game. For many, it's an essential part of their life. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is not just a player for Indians, he is the God of Cricket. As you pray to God for your wishes, Indians pray to God that India wins the match. It might seem to some that it is stupid to be so crazy about cricket, but what is life without having some craze for some stupid things.

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    We have utmost faith in God and cricket mania forces the fans to seek God's intervention to turn the table in favour of our team and hence temple doors are knocked for a possible change in game.
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    Praying for the success of India is just like praying for any other wish you want to be fulfilled. What is the difference? And Sun, who are the others who don't pray? Your thread is based on an instance that has come to your notice but that does not mean that instances that have not been noticed by you or has not been publicized do not exist at all. There are many who pray for their country. Haven't you observed some among the spectators with their eyes closed and folded hands offering prayers during cricket matches?
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    We always want good for our country and thus pray. It's God who can help everyone and asking God to help our country win is what a countrymen wants. A win in an international level always bring laurel to the country. It's not only for cricket, People pray for other sports too, say Football, hockey, athletics, etc.

    Everyone pray for their country but may be, we indians do it openly but others in the right places. We indians have more faith and thus always pray for good to happen. Its not compulsory but we often do it. It depends upon which sports you follow or like. In India, people follow cricket, so for cricket, in european countries, its football, so for football.

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    It's not a new thing in big tournaments people who are crazy for cricket pray God for the victory of their favourite team and it's not bad. I don't go to the temple to pray God for India's victory but always wish that they make it to the final. In the end, the players have to perform well just prayers are not enough to be successful in any field.

    In India, as there are lots of cricket fans so they try every method that their team win and praying God for it is one of the methods they adopt.


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