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    Is it right to misuse our National flag in this way?

    In the stadium, I find people waving our Indian National Flag. It is alright and acceptable. But I have seen people wrap their body with our National Flag. Today, at Manchester where India palys its semi-finals against Newzealand, I find people holding umbrellas made of Indian National Flag. I don't find any other nation's national flag is misused like Indian National Flag.

    Is it right? Who will check this?
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    There is a "flag code" in each country which is stated in the constitution. As per our constitution, "The Indian flag represents the hopes and aspirations of the people of India" and we need to respect it.

    As per the flag code of India :
    Part 1 - General description of the national flag :
    - The Indian tricolour flag has three equal rectangular. Saffron on top, white in the middle and green in the bottom. The length and height ratio of the flag is 3:2(rectangular). The Ashoka Chakra(dark blue) in the centre has 24 spokes.

    Part 2 - Display of the national flag by Public, private and educational institutions :
    - The Indian national flag should always occupy a position of honour.
    - When flying over public buildings(during Republic or Independence day), the national flag should be flown from sunrise to sunset.
    - While hoisting the flag, it should be done energetically and lowered slowly.
    - The flag must always be displayed with saffron on the top most or the right of the flag (in case of vertical display). It is an offence to display the flag in an transpose position.
    - The flag should not be used as a decoration, as an advertisement, garment or wrap of any sort.
    - The flag should not be allowed to touch the ground.
    - The flag should not be torn, damaged, disfigured or disrespected in any manner.
    - The disposal of a flag should be done as a whole, in private, preferably by burning.

    Part 3 - Display of the national flag by Central, state government organisation and it's agencies :
    - The flag be used to cover the coffin only in the event of the funeral of an army,navy or military forces, member of the state or central and people of honour but must be removed before the person is buried or cremated.
    - Only panjandrums(President, VP, Governors and Lieutenant Governors, PM and Cabinet Ministers, Heads of Indian Posts abroad, Chief Justice of India, etc.) are allowed to use national flag in their cars.
    - While hoisting and lowering the flag, all people present should face the flag and stand in attention position.

    Note: National flag flown at half mast :
    The Indian National flag is flown at some way below the top of its staff throughout the country as a mark of national mourning (death of the President, VP, PM of India) but before lowering to half mast, it is raised to the top position as the pride of the nation and its honour over all other concerns at all times.

    You can get more details about the Flag code of India, 2002 from the below link :

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    I think it is not a correct method. National flag should be given some respect. Using it in any way they want and not respecting it should be viewed seriously. I think of anybody wants to use this design anywhere they want they should take permission from Indian Government. This rule should be implemented and there should be a strict control on giving permission for this. These days it has become a fashion to use the picture of the flag anywhere and everywhere they want. If the government is not looking into this the Supreme Court should interfere and do something for this.
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    I don't think it's the right way to use the national flag. People should understand the same and show some respect for the nation.

    Here are some rules to use the national flag:

    1. If you carry the national flag in a procession, it should be either at the center or the extreme right front corner leading the procession.
    2. The national flag should ever be dipped in front of any individual.
    3. People should stand in attention respecting the flag while hoisting or lowering the flag.
    4. Individuals in uniform should salute and give due respect to the national flag.
    5. The national anthem should follow the flag salutation.


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    Respecting national flag is the duty of all the Indians whether they are now the citizens of other countries. The flag is a symbol of our national pride and it should always be given top honours everywhere. Hurling flags in a correct way and then taking it to ones house and storing properly is required and one should never throw it away after the match. It is not an ordinary flag, it is the honour of our nation. If one can not honour it, one has no right to hurl it in a crowd or stadium.
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    I totally agree with your point of you SuN. Indian flag should be respected and every Indian should take care of its dignity. But the problem is many Indians don't even know the meaning of three colours of our flag. It is a shame for all of us. Many don't know that it is a disrespectful gesture to wrap the flag around the body or carry it in any transpose position.

    But in foreign countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, etc. it is considered a respectful and patriotic gesture to wrap their country flag and wear it. For many Indians who have born or brought up in foreign countries but are still connected to India by heart, it might be patriotic to them to wrap the flag around their bodies or wear it. So what we consider disrespectful from our point of view might be a feeling of patriotism from their point of view. It is just how we see things and respect other's points of views.

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    I think holding a national flag, waving it through the crowd and even using it as umbrella does not qualify for any misuse of the same or disrespect. Only thing is the flag must be securely had on the hand and it should not be allowed to fall on the ground. Yes as an Indian we have to respect the flag but in foreign countries the laws are liberal and they have the freedom to use our flags to their likes.
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