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    Is employed woman contributing more for the family than that of the man?

    Traditionally, women were supposed to take care of household while men were the bread earners. This equation worked well and for a long time in the history it is documented like that. Today, there are perceptible changes in this relationship as not only in the developed countries but also in the developing countries, the women have come out of the closet and going for jobs and careers successfully. This trend is on rise and more and more women are opting for lucrative careers in the industries as well as Govt.

    In spite of all these changes and women penetration in the erstwhile man's territory, women are the main entities when it comes to running the household. Even if they are employed, they are managing a bigger part of household activities on day to day basis. Men have still to mould themselves for doing those household jobs or take those responsibilities on a regular basis.

    Does it mean that the women contribution in running or raising a family is now more than that of the men? As they are earning as well as managing the household activities also. What is your viewpoint on this role of modern women?
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    Earlier also the contribution of women was on the higher side as managing the household chores and raising children is not a small job. It is very demanding and then there are demands from all the quarters in the house which are complied by the housewife. In the present scenario the woman has become an earning member as well as housewife so definitely her duties are manifold even if the maid servants are there. I firmly agree that women contribution in the family is more today.
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    Yes. I agree with that. The man after office goes somewhere and enjoys his evening and comes back home late. he will not be having any responsibility in seeing the house works. The lady has to finish her morning work and then go to the office. Work there till evening and come back home soon after her office is over and she has to attend her household work. This I observed with many working ladies. The husband may help or may not help her in her works in the Kitchen. So overall the workload will be very high for her. Even for ladies who are looking after household work only, the responsibility is very high. She has to get up first in the house and make food ready for children who will go to school and she has to give them a tiffin box. Then she has to arrange everything for her husband as per his timing so that he will not get late to the office. This morning routine will take her minimum 4 to 5 hours and again in the evening, she has to address all the needs of the children and husband. If any elder persons are there in the house she has to take care of them also.
    Totally a lady will be having more work and responsibility than her husband in the house.

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    I think the term 'coming out of the closet' refers to opening up about one's sexuality and sexual preferences, and may not apply to working-women.

    Women have always contributed more than the men, but since there is no monetary value attached to all that they do, their contributions weren't valued. With the increase in the number of working-women, society has suddenly woken up to their contributions.

    In the past, women may not have worked in the organised sector, but they did contribute to the families kitty. Let's not forget that the majority of India lives in villages, where women (barring a few) have always worked in the farms along with their husband. Women who had the talent engaged themselves in small jobs, such as stitching.

    Homemakers cut down expenses by making pickles and papads etc. Not every woman did it out of choice. Women in villages made 'kanda' (cow dung cakes) and used them as fuel to cook meals. Their chores were endless, and their situation hasn't changed much.

    The responsibility of the home, children and aged in-laws still lies on the shoulders of the woman. Even if she is not working, the average woman, wakes up before the rest of the family, to ensure that there is no disruption to their routine. Most women cannot enjoy a cup of tea in leisure.

    I have a plaque lying somewhere that says, 'A man may work from dusk to dawn, but a woman's work is never done'.

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    Juana's post #670429 is encouraging me to add more in the matter. Comparatively, a woman is constrained with respect to man in moving around alone in the late hours or new places and is vulnerable to many threats. Men have no such problems. Due to these limitations women have to schedule their work within the timeframe and available situations to avoid any embarrassing or inconvenient incidence. This might not be an additional load physically on them but they have to be alert and vigilant in those respects. If a person is mentally active it is also called engagement. I am not advocating it as I am a woman but just want to share that women are definitely more occupied than men in true sense.
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