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    A litigant mind will always thwart the on going process

    When we are attempting a good issue or matter, some wrongdoers will want to create hurdles and their litigant mind will stall and stagnate the ongoing process in the matter. This will not only disturb those who are working on the issue but it will also slow down the matter and thus ultimately the issue would be put for not use later.
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    It is said that evil minds will spoil the environment even in the heaven. There are some elements in the society or workplace or system that they will create some hindrances for the ongoing processes and projects in such a way that these activities will get disturbed and will be either stalled or diverted to unproductive directions. Such people are to be identified and should be removed from the system so that they can not harm its intended growth and prosperity. Unfortunately, these people are clever enough to guard themselves from these punishments as they have links with higher ups everywhere and under that shelter or protection they take such steps which might get them some political mileage but is adverse for any organisation.
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    The answer is in your question only? Wrongdoers and litigant minds are there everywhere. they don't want others to get appreciations and they never encourage people to do good work. In offices when we will be working seriously on some project, these people will come and start talking unnecessary things and get us delayed on the work. The same people try to show their ignorance when something is asked to them. I have seen many people like this. Their actions will disturb us and we will get slow down on the work. But such people will always be in the good books of the bosses and they will go and say something bad about other people. This is a problem in many places.
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