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    Forum policies do not support actions

    One of my forum responses was deleted and given -10 points. The message left by the Admin directs me to read the Forum Policies on this page. There is nothing on the page that points to an error on my part. When you apply rules and penalise members should you not also provide the right link to the Forum Policies?

    I know you'll remind me that I am an old member and should know the rule about not posting responses to old threads. Fair enough, but what about your role? Why are you directing me to read irrelevant guidelines?

    I went through a pinned post on guidelines that has a link to this post. The latter describes situations where deduction of points and deletion of posts can happen. It mentions SPAM and irrelevant, inappropriate and misleading posts. My response did not fit into any of these categories, but I'll accept the point deduction and even the deletion of the post because it was in response to an old post.

    However, I don't understand how the responses given by an editor, in this post, didn't receive a similar treatment. The answers are misleading, contradictory and confusing. If you have rules apply them to everyone.
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    I too had counterparted this but did not think to put it forward. To be true, why can't an old post be responded when you have only few response to it. Is it always needed to start a fresh thread when the old post can be renewed by the reply.

    I would request the admin, editors and even the moderators to lock all the old post so that people can only read that resource, article or thread but cannot reply. This will help them to start a new thread but when it is left open, it will always get a response instead of starting a fresh post for the same topic.

    Now, the point that will be raised is, it will burden the admin or moderator or it is mentioned in the guideline and forum policies but is it not a help from the moderators to lock the thread when it becomes old. This will help everyone, the old as well as the new member.

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    Since the day I joined ISC, I had been repeatedly suggesting ISC to lock all the 10 days old threads. But ISC is very reluctant to yield to my suggestion.

    Also, many of the thread responses are getting deleted saying it is against the forum policies. I would say that it is not against forum policies but against the ISC editors hidden policy.

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    Locking all the over aged threads may not be practical I think. My opinion is that over aged responses shall not be deleted unless irrelevant. It can be locked after reading the response.
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    This issue had come earlier for discussion and members wanted that the old threads (may be more than 10-12 days) should be invariably locked so that no one can respond to them. Practically what is happening is that after seeing the topic of the post looking interesting to us we just start responding to it and forget to see its date of submission. It is happening with many members and in past I have also responded like that in a hurry. Now I am trying my best to see both - the topic as well as its date so I am able to avoid it though such inadvertent mistakes can happen any time.

    What I can suggest to mitigate this problem is can we devise some automatic software flag which gives a logo or emoji kind of thing in the beginning of the thread or a word like 'OLD' or any other such sign so the members refrain to attempt it in their hurry to answer or respond to it. If a post is required to be continued then editors can open it for another period of time. Today, what I understand is that locking a post is a manual work done by the editors and sometimes some posts might be left out hanging like that in the open position.

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    I know it is not possible to lock all the threads of the past. But we can start locking the old threads now. One editor can be entrusted with the task of locking the old threads. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

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    Many new members pick up the old threads which are older than 10 days and they put their opinion on that subject. That thread will appear on the top of the threads list and even some old members also without seeing the as it is in the top of the list, they also write something there. Many times it happens. For that, the editors will do the deletion and minus points.
    Earlier also there was a discussion on this point and various suggestions came regarding avoiding these problems. But nothing concrete can be done and the problem is persisting. We have to see the date and answer. These days I am finding more such happenings where old threads are coming on to the top. Once it happened to me and I was also given -10 points.

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    It has been decided that negative points would not be given any longer to any member for pulling up old threads (other than for spammers), that the points would merely be reduced to zero. Accordingly, we have restored your response in the said thread.

    As regards the response by the other Editor in the other thread which the author is referring to, the editor has clarified with a followup response. So there is no reason to apply the same yardstick in that case.


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    Good decision. I appreciate.

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    A good move from the editor side and this will help to keep the topic live and fruitful. Thanks to all the moderators, editors, admin and the members for raising a long lead discussion and get a solution.
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    Juana, I noticed that you had responded to a very old thread maybe that's the reason you were -10 points. Not only you I noticed few more members responded to that thread. In the past, I too had faced the same as sometime we can't identify that the thread we are responding is an old thread.

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    It is a natural thing that some members may stumble upon the unlocked threads time to time and in a hurry submit their respond there. Many do this without seeing the date of the thread. Now the editors have taken a good decision not to deduct points for it and give zero point as the response belongs to an old thread. I think it is fair enough.
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    Nice to note the change in policy; the previous rule was too rigid. Members don't deliberately post responses to old posts that show up on the first page.

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    New members or members who have not read the old threads would definetely like to respond to the post. I too read a lot of old posts . I think there is no harm in responding and points should not be deducted. After all we should have the freedom to express ourselves .

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    It is good that negative points are not awarded for responding old threads.
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