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    What are the way to sleep well in high sound nose snoring?

    What are the way to sleep well in high sound nose snoring? Sometime we get sharing room during project work then after hard work you need a good sleep but its not happen due to snoring sound of room partner. What are the way to get good sleep even after high snoring sound.

    I tried many ways, like put something to ear to avoid sound, hear music etc but at last it fail because some sound come even after lot of try. Do you have any better idea which you can share here to get rid of snoring sound during sleep .

    This is silly and funny question but I hope you will answer to solve my biggest problem nowadays. Thanks in Advance.
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    Only thing is to advise your partner to sleep more in a slanted position. That means the head should be on a little higher position. What I mean to say is let your roommate keep two pillows under his head and then one pillow below the neck. It is more like sleeping in a slanted chair. Then the snoring will come down. It may not go away 100% but it will reduce at least by 50%.
    Once he does that, you start keeping some cotton in your ears and be careful that the cotton will not go inside the ear. Then I think you will be out of this problem.
    There are some drops known as no snore. Let your friend spray it in his nose while going for sleep and in between once or twice when he gets up for washroom or so. That will give good relief to him and he will also have good sleep and you can also have a good sleep.

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    Snoring is not deliberate but many people have this habit. This is mostly seen in fat or big stomach people. People also snore when they are in deep sleep, so blaming only fat people is wrong. There are not much that we can do but some provision to reduce snoring are:
    1. Ask the person to sleep sideways, either right or left side. This helps in reducing the snoring.
    2. Ask the person to drink more water at night. This will help him to urinate at regular intervals, which in turn will awaken him and thus reducing the snoring.
    3. One can find snoring reducing clips which can be purchased online, this help in reducing snoring(I have seen advertisement but never tried)
    4. Ask the person to have less for dinner and have half stomach. This is also said to reduce snoring.
    5. Use ear plug, which can reduce the snoring sound to some extent.

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    1. Ask your friend to sleep in a slanting position to the side away from your bed.
    2.. Keep the windows and door open.
    3. Plug your ears with an airtight headphone.
    3. Finally, if nothing works, cover your friend's face with a thick dark cloth leaving a very little space to breath.

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    Use earplugs. Go to sleep before the person whom you snores at night. I know it's not easy but try to cope up with the situation and if you are really tired then you may not be disturbed with snoring sounds.

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    If the person who is sharing the room can not be treated for this snoring hazard then the only way is either put earplugs in the ear or start developing the habit of sleeping in this condition only. Human mind is very strange and can accommodate itself in any extreme condition. There are some security guards and lowly paid employees who sleep nicely in the disturbed and high decibel environment of the factory or workplace. It may look surprising but it is true that human senses are capable of moulding theirselves to extreme conditions of noise and other disturbing conditions and become habitual of tolerating it as nothing has happened.
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    Thanks for sharing all your views I am strongly agree with Rao answer I think he covered most of the points to get good sleep but one more point we need to practice keep mind cool in all situation and cool mind is first priority to get sleep well.
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