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    How to tackle situation of two bosses view?

    How to tackle situation of two bosses view? I want to elaborate it more with example in our office mostly Saturday and Sunday holiday and I have 2 boss first boss view is to generate more bill or money even you work on Holiday but second boss was telling we do not want more money you enjoy holiday with family and work only on working days.Family should be first preference because day never come back so enjoy with the current movement.

    I am stand between the two thoughts you all need to give your views to tackle this kind of situation if I follow first then other will not convince and if I follow second first will be anger so last way should not be resignation. Thanks in advance to sharing your views on this matter.
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    I always recommend this while in confusion both in my office and at home. Leave it to God to decide. Write two chits and pick up one. The decision is clear. You can convince your bosses and try this method. This is not only to you but to all who have two bosses with different thoughts and opinion.

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    This problem will be faced by many people in the office. Sometimes one boss will ask us to do one thing and the other will be telling another thing. We will be in confusion whom to follow. In such a case we have to see who is your immediate boss. As per the Organisation chart, one person will report to one person only. If there are 2 or 3 roles are there, we may report to different bosses. In such case, also as per the Organisation Chart we will have a boss to whom we will be reporting administratively. His words and works are important to us. If another boss tells us something to do we can tell him this is what I am doing now as per my boss and you can politely tell him to have a discussion among both of them and decide on the priority. This will be fair if it is a matter concerned to your duty.
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    These are a common thing in most of offices and when we have many positions and all want to prove, they are the boss. We always need to view the organisation chart and under whom we are working. He will be the person, whom we have to answer and report. He will also be the person who will give us work, take progress and review our work, applications and leaves. Our boss is the one, whom we have to listen, the other can be diplomatically answered and diverted to your boss. If the one who is not your immediate boss comes with any work, you can ask him to inform your boss as your boss has given you work and need to complete ASAP and also inform your boss about the other boss. This will help you to be clear on your part and not to be grinded in between two bosses.
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    One better way would be to tell them what other is asking so that they will finally converge to one opinion. This will solve the problem as you make them party to your decision. You simply follow what they mutually decide.

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    This type of problem is encountered in big organisations where there are many departments and each department is full of many positions which sometimes overlap also in terms of duties and functionalities. So, the junior people are sometimes commanded by two or more senior people whom the junior can not ignore or disobey due to obvious reasons. It is almost equal to two boss problem as envisaged by the author of this post. Now the problem for the junior person is genuine in nature and requires some solution. One solution is he should take one of the seniors in confidence and tell him that the other person has asked to do like this. Generally in such case this senior has to find way and can not force for his work or order only. By doing this generally a solution will be achieved. One should not fear to go to one of the seniors and one must be bold enough to do this otherwise there will always be a state of confusion.
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    Thanks for giving your views I agree with you all opinion and I selected best answer also. They need to first decide themselves to get final result for conversation. There is no other way to tackle this situation but problem is if the fight in discussion then more problem.
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