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    Is there anything like Guest Author at ISC?

    I am surprised to hear the term 'Guest Author" at ISC. An editor has said it, but left it to me to understand it. Have you heard or seen a Guest Author at ISC? I am a senior Platinum Member. I do not know anything about GA. I only know the term GTA (Guess The Author) from ISC ME.

    What is the concept of Guest Author at ISC? Do you have anything to say?
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    A guest author is a non-member I think. In some cases, even without logging in also we can read the articles and we can make our comments I think. This some time back I read somewhere. Such people are called Guste author. If I am wrong I can be corrected. I think these guest authors can post their questions in the AE section also.
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    Mr. Rao,
    Dont use the phrase 'I think'. Please be sure and be firm while responding to such queries.

    It's about Author at ISC, not commenter to ISC Article

    Would appreciate if Editor Jagdish Patro gives his response to this thread.

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    Guest Author means anonymous author. Fly-by-night (questionable/dubious) author

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    Sun, I happen to find a thread posted by our webmaster Mr. Tony regarding the new features rolled out in ISC for guest who visit the site via internet search engine for a given post. This feature help the guest to give feedback about the post in the comment box as guest. New feature: Guest comments. This post is of 2011 and even you had replied to the post. I think, this is what the Editor Jagdish Patro ment. Anyways, Editor Jagdish Patro/anyone can clarify, if required.
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    Not a convincing response to satisfy the Author. The Anonymous Author is also a registered member-author at ISC. They are generally seen in AE section. AA has nothing to do with GA.

    It is about a guest to comment, not as an author to post an article or ask a question or to raise a forum thread or post anything in ISC. The guest commenter is not awarded any point or CC.

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    I think he is referring to people who though register of ISC, do that only for the sake of asking a genuine query. They are not interested in any cash. The Editors might not be feeling any advantage in awarding someone who is anyhow there just for his question and doesn't intend to contribute anymore.

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    Then he is also a registered member-author, not a guest author. A guest author is he who posts as a non-member of ISC. An Editor should not commit such mistake and misguide a member with inappropriate words like"As a senior member, you should know this".
    An editor should be thorough and should check before he writes.

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    I tried to post a response after logging out but could not post. So, in my opinion, there is no such guest author on ISC. People post the response or query or an answer by hiding their identity by clicking on the option ' anonymous'.

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    Say members, not people. Only members can press the 'Ananymous' button at ISC.

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    A guest is a person who visits the site but is a non member. He does not login. He can comment on the articles. Only thing he has to fill a captcha code to prove that he is a human and not a machine. Some people may do mischievous acts by entering the site with an advanced app or malicious software so captcha code is asked to be filled by the visitor. In many sites this code is required to be filled in as an additional safety at the time of login. Members might have seen such things in sites like say Railway reservation site. Probably the guest is being referred as guest author as he puts his comment against an article.
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    Anyone who posts a comment without logging into the site cannot be a guest author but only a visitor to that site.

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    Please visit the following link.

    Guest Posts:in Help Topics.

    Though it is not a direct answer to this thread question, I am giving the link for some general awareness. One can explore more there.

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    Venkiteswaran,Yes. There is something in it. It is applicable to Articles under strict scrutiny. Anyway, it doesn't solve my question Guest Author at ISC AE and Forums where no one can be a guest to post.
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    Sun, the answer to your basic query has been duly provided by some of our members above. But that does not seem to be the answer you are looking for which is quite evident from the request for a response you have made to Jagdish.

    Let me (try to) clarify your doubt with reference to the response by Jagdish in another thread regarding cc to questions that was raised by you only which you are indirectly trying to highlight here.

    Jagdish had used the term 'Guest Author' while referring to members who post as Anonymous in the Ask Experts section. It can be best passed on as oversight and actually does not involve any technicalities as such. But I would like to make it clear to you, since you have been beating around the bush instead of preferring to be straight, that when a registered member chooses to post as 'anonymous', it reflects his choice to pose a question or answer a query as a temporary arrangement keeping his identity a secret for whatever reason and so there is nothing wrong in calling him a guest author because we are not aware of his actual identity and the anonymous identity he provides as a temporary measure does indeed qualify him to be called a guest.

    I think it would be better to be frank and straight when you want to clarify a doubt because being vague will only help in creating confusion. And, there is no point in trying to create a mountain out of a molehill.

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    A strange explanation from you. You cannot say that a coward member with an anonymous post or response as Guest Author at ISC. I would call that registered member as an Anonymous Member Author (AMA) or Coward Member Author(CMA) or Fearing Member Author(FMA) or Worried Member Author(WMA) etc.

    You are not Jagdish Patro to respond. Mr Jagdish Patro is an Editor (CE) could not explain "Guest Author" and locked it. I had to open this thread to know about Guest Author at ISC.

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    Your question was not to Jagdish! The contents of the thread do not say so nor does it refer to the response by Jagdish. You just made a passing mention in a response. You can hold on to your views. I have tried to give a logical explanation and that is all. I don't think there is any point in carrying forward this thread and is hence locking the thread. Further threads on the same point will not be entertained.
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