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    My auto is safe. Do you have this assurance in your city?

    In a major move to curtail insecurity and create the confidence to the travelling public, the Hyderabad Traffic police have scrutinized and checked all the credentials of an auto driver and a sticker has been affixed on the auto to guarantee that even in the wee hours or later hours any passenger can travel safely to the destination. The auto drivers are also taught about how to behave with courtesy and be careful with lady passengers in particular. Do you have such a guarantee in your city?
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    No such thing in Delhi. It's very sad that here in Delhi the autorickshaw drivers behave rudely with the ladies. They easily deny going to the destination if they feel that that they won't be able to get the customer. Also, most of them are not as honest as a few days back my wife left her bag in the auto rickshaw which she didn't get back though she went back in a few minutes and stood at a place for an hour where she left the autorickshaw. It's good to know that such a good system is there in Hyderabad which will definitely build confidence in ladies to go by autos alone.

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    Even in Bangalore, we have a clear print out of the driver's name, address, date of birth, etc that are verified. However, a mere sticker does not mean that the driver would not misbehave. At times, the driver would be a different person than the one whose details are mentioned. It is the deviant mind encouraged by the time/place that entices them to misbehave. Only a stringent punishment, suspension of license, etc would act as a deterrent.

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    A good information posted by the author for our information. It is a good move by the Hyderabad traffic police and will be very helpful for the users. These are the measures which help in maintaining a good governance and slowly more measures will be evolved based on digital QR codes or innovative things like that where a simple scan of the picture will transfer the details to the police station. Unfortunately in our town we are not seeing any such thing happening but once it lis successful in a big city it has to percolate down to other places as well. We hope to see more such efforts by regulatory authorities in future.
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    Most of the auto drivers don't misbehave with the public or the lone ladies, but try to charge them heavy fare than the normal fare. I am in Bengaluru and could see safety and security to the passengers.
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    Natarajan please note that before handing over the sticker counselling is given to the drivers on how to behave with tourists and lady passengers. So doubts cleared.
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    A good info and good note for other state to follow for the safety of the people. We have drivers who are rough and rude with people and many who are good.

    In Kerala, there is no fixed tariff in many cities and district, they charge you as they wish and we cannot argue, they give a damn to the passenger. If the government come up with such system, it will be good for everyone and much safer to travel at late hours.

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    In Chandigarh, auto rickshaw driver's information and owner's information is pasted near the driver seat and is clearly visible to the passengers. But there is no such thing as stickers, neither any counselling is given to them. But Chandigarh is a safe city, with fewer crime rates and more awareness. So, I don't feel Chandigarh requires any stickers on autos. But I should say Hyderabad traffic police has taken a good step.

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    This is true. A very good step is taken by the traffic police. All other states can also think of that, I think. Now Telangana CM is the mentor for Andhra CM. So I think it will be definitely implemented in AP also or that might have implemented by this time.
    Each auto is having a sticker on the auto. But many of the autos are not driven by the owners and they will give for hire? So if the owner is giving the auto to another driver, the sticker will be there to the auto but the driver will change. In such case what is to be done is the question I have in my mind when I see such stickers on autos. Do you think it is better to have such a sticker on the driving licence of the individual and every auto driver should keep his driving licence with him and show it to the passenger on demand? , Then the guarantee will be there for the passenger about the driver rather than the auto.

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    This is a good thing and we have to adopt such practices in all over the country.
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