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    Forum super stars, lead contributors need not worry. I won't compete.

    Since I came back after 9 months, there could be apprehensions and doubts among the forum superstars and other lead contributors that I would pose a threat by giving tough competition to them by overtaking their scores. Frankly speaking, I feel content of having achieved all the records in this site and it is the time others also chase those records to register their name as a super competitor against me. Therefore my contributions will be limited and making a presence felt.
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    I had been a forum superstar a few months back and I am not worried that I am not on the list. It's just entertainment for me to participate in the forums here. And hope no one is worried that you will replace them.

    For me, it doesn't matter if I am a superstar or not. Maybe for a few people, it matters.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    I would say that this is an uncalled for thread to boost your past. No one at ISC worries about the other as a superstar or a lazy star. As usual, you contribute your best to satisfy yourself. We would love to read and post our responses.
    No life without Sun

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    It is a humble way to say that you will be contributing within a limit most probably due to your other assignments and engagements as well as due to the fact that you had been to those top positions for quite some time and contended with that success. By telling that you have presented your current involvement in ISC in a precise way. On the other hand we want you to participate with the same vigour and strength as earlier because that will put a better bench mark for us to follow and pursue. Whenever a good contributor joins ISC all other members are to more or less extent encouraged and motivated by him and try to do their bit in a better way. It is human psychology and if such people are not there as a bench mark then the volume of the contributions can also come down significantly.
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    Welcome back Mohan sir, good to see that you are back. As far as ISC goes, I don't think anyone would or should mind being a superstar or lead contributor. It's just a token of appreciation to see their names listed for their contribution.

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    Welcome Mohanji, after a long gap you re-entered the ISC arena and hope your presence at forum always keep the forum more active.

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    Welcome back Mohan.

    A few days ago SuN posted a thread remembering you. All the members who posted their response there also had kind remembrance about your association and each one expressed that he/she missed you in the ISC forum.You had only goodwill from ISC members.

    One expected a better and positive post from you after your come back. But, frankly, you slightly disappointed us by this thread. Many members saw you as a threshold at the top so that they can aim at a goal. No one was jealous of you nor had any burning feeling, but considered you as a sort of encouragement.

    Hence please erase your mistaken notion.It would be even better if you can get this thread deleted so that it does not remain as a record of your mistaken notion.

    But we still welcome Mohan and would be pleased to see his active presence in ISC forum.

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    Welcome back Mohan sir. Even to me it is a come back. This is my first post after the break. I remember how active you were, I could see your name in all posts, especially you used to give the first response on every post. Many times I wondered at it. Hope the history continues. My best wishes.
    Sri Vetri
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    It is just like playing the game of cricket. The batsman should be at the crease to face the balls and the score would get accelerated automatically based on his performance. It could be sixes, fours or singles but one should hit the ball effectively. Same is the case here, it would be the content that attracts the members to respond and your ability to post a suitable response to a thread which drives us to score points in ISC.

    I too feel the author should have avoided such expression of thought in such a way and could have confined to his contribution as usual.


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    Just posted this thread for fun and want to experience how the alert was our members are. Good.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That's pretentious. Members welcomed you back into their fold with all sincerity and with arms open. They were delighted to see you return. The messages your post garnered is proof to the pudding. Why would you think that the same members would be worried about your return? Quite unnecessary.
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