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    Talent doesn't require anything.

    This is what many of the people might have learned from today's cricket match. Although India lost the match yet what I liked is the way Jadeja played.

    A few days back lots of criticism was there in the air when people like Manjerekar pointed a finger on the selection of him in the squad. He did not get discouraged but fought well and showed his worth and proved the critics wrong. It was his day and most of the Indians may be proud of his performance in the big match where the big guns failed.

    Well done Jadeja..really your performance shut the mouth of critics.
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    Really! Not at all. When the top failed, the middle cared and moved well to protect the image of the great team which held its top position. I would say that it is the talent, and also the time and luck that supports.

    Though the already fame top order 3 batsmen had the talent, the pitch ditched them to remain at one. So the time and luck did not help them, but helped another talent to get name and fame..

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    There are many factors which decide the performance of a player in a particular match and today the top batsmen could no do much in spite of being the highest seeded players. Anyway the performance of Jadeja was really good and his inclusion in the team is fully justified and critics will keep mum. It is yet another thing that cricket is sometimes driven by chance and we can not predict the performance of a particular player in a particular match. Today's match was really an unexpected one bringing defeat to India.
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    Yes. Talent is the main requirement. Your talent will be always with you. No one can take it away from you. The more you practice, you will get more talent and you will become a master in the field. Jadeja is a real worthy player. He is an allrounder. In yesterday's match, his performance was scintillating. On the field, with the ball and the bat he has done an excellent job. He is able to bring the team almost to the door but unfortunately, he couldn't see through it. After getting his 50 runs he was celebrating by lifting his both hand s and seeing at the window where the commentators sit. He had given a fitting reply to the critics who unnecessarily talked bad about him.
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    Being Indians, we are all disappointed for losing the semifinal, but in sports, it might happen to any individual player or a team which falters. Unless the Indian team had talent, then they would not have remained unbeaten for so long in the tournament and topped the points table. It's unfortunate, but every cricket lover must applaud their talent and ability. As some ex-cricketers suggested that there was a little tactical error by sending Dhoni quite late which the think tank must discuss upon because inexperienced players could have been guided better if at one end they had Dhoni to guide them. Jadeja was superb. He had a free flow, and on the other side, it was Dhoni who held the other wicket so cautiously. It's sheer bad luck that India lost.

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    Whether we give chance to a person or not, if he is talented, he will show it at an opportune time. Talent can not be subdued by external efforts. It will only remain dormant for a small time till it gets a favourable atmosphere.
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