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    The benefits of a simple life.

    There is no end to the worldly needs and more and more luxuries and comforts we have, more we yearn for. There comes a time when it becomes difficult to manage the clutter in the house and we waste a lot of time in our worldly affairs of socialising and show off and what not. Life becomes very busy without any gain and brings in the continuous strain of moving in an artificial high society.

    It is believed that simple living is a solution to end all this hectic indulgences in our life and to bring the calmness and tranquility. There are many other benefits of simple life and some people expedite them.

    Do you also feel that there are benefits in having a simple life? Please share your views.
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    I will put it differently. There is no life without a wife. To lead a simple life, we need to have a simple wife. In many families, a greedy or luxurious wife is the cause for the sufferings. My explanation is mainly for men's simple life.
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    In today's life, leading a simple life is very difficult. If you are alone, you can manage but when you have a family, making everyone live a simple life is out of context.

    We may provide 100 example of simple living but that cannot be enough and convincing to our family. We have a thought, " It's just one live and need to live it to the fullest". When we have money, power and other facilities that make things easy, why will a person walk backward.

    Being social or doing things that gives satisfaction to us cannot be taken as luxurious life.We know the quote "It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple." ? Rabindranath Tagore. This stand true for many and is the truth of time.

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    We have to walk back to our ancestral days. They all were living a very simple life. Even a person having crores of rupees was never putting up a show of his greatness before all those days. But the important question is," Can we do it"?
    A person who experienced all difficulties can feel happy if he gets a little relief. But a person who never experienced any difficulty can't withstand if he encounters a small difficulty also. Now the whole world is experiencing the comforts and they can't live without these comforts as they got habituated to these comforts.
    Another point to be considered is as an individual you can lead a simple life but you can't force your children to lead a simple life. If all his classmates are coming on a bike and if you want your son to go on citybus he may not like. So we have to go with the wind, I think.

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