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    Once again terror threat looms large over India

    When India has been concentrating on development and other issues again the terror threat has been given over a video asking to bleed India. This video should be taken as the direct proof by the US and take unilateral decision to punish the terror mongers. Otherwise, India has to take a decision and our forces must be ready to face any eventuality. India cannot afford to lose any precious lives as we already undergone through enough terror attacks. By the way why India has been targeted, any response?
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    Al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahiri called on terror groups to inflict "unrelenting blows" on the Indian Army and the government, releasing what appeared to be his first video message focussing n Kashmir. Over 125 terrorists have been eliminated in the first six months of this year. The terrorists are in total dismay. Indian forces have been very active and the army is upgrading its equipment at a great pace. This has created distress among anti-national forces, especially Pakistan. Indian forces should be careful now as terrorist activities are going to increase significantly in the upcoming months. The Central Government should take some strict and appropriate measures to prevent the valley unrest, starting with the scrapping of Article 370.

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    Our neighbouring country has failed to understand the gravity of the situation. In what way, Pakistan would be benifited with the infusion of terrorism in Jammu and Kasmir region or may be the situation is beyond control even for Pakistan and terrorism is rearing its ugly faces even in their lands.
    Whatever, be the situation of Pakistan, we need some drastic measures to thwart the terrorism prevailing in the Kashmir region. To frustrate the attempts of the antisocial forces would mean diluting their intensities and in no way such continued steps should be withdrawn.

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    All the problems we are facing are because of Pakistan. Only. Enemy to our enemy is our friend rule that country is believing. It is thinking that by encouraging terrorists in their country, they can get the advantage over India. But one thing that the country is forgetting is that for a terrorist all countries are equal. Today in India tomorrow it may be on their country. To have a poisonous pet is always dangerous to the individual. This simple logic that country is forgetting.
    However, our country should get ready to face all types of problems and see that these terrorists should never think about India for attacking. The responsibility of the government is very high. They should give a freehand to the defence forces and they should see that the forces will have all required ammunition at their disposal to counter the attacks and teach a lesson to the concerned.

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    I request the author to edit thread as 'threat' in the title.

    Yes, yesterday I was also reading the news where the terrorist again has threatened India. It's very upsetting that after being scolded by other countries our neighbour is still giving support to the terrorist.


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    For India, terrorism is matter of big concern since independence and the issue has never been solved fully. It was just cornered by strategic executions by Modi Govt. in last 5 years and battle is still on.
    The motto of the videos that referred by author is to spray atmosphere of hate and fear among society but we as a citizen of civilized society shall not provide them air and help them succeed in their evil motive by spreading such videos more ahead.
    I think, new Govt. at center has all capacity to tackle the terrorism on all fronts whether it is military solution or diplomatic arrangements.

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    Coping with terrorism is a big problem today for many Govts in the world and India is one of them. Our position is very vulnerable as the terrorists want to make their presence felt in Kashmir. We are wasting a lot of energy and time in fighting with these offenders and that is an adverse thing for our country to do as it hampers our progress otherwise. Govt has to be more strict and stern to deal with these elements.
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    India is developing in leaps and bounds and slowly coming in the list of successfully and fast developing countries of the world. In this situation the terrorism is a big threat to our prosperity. It is really unfortunate that the centre of terrorist activities is in our vicinity in Pakistan and is supported by that Govt. How can we avoid them when they are continuously inflicting wounds in our territory. Terrorism is problem worldwide but for us it is a continuous source of threat as the source is nearby. We do not have any other option except to deal it with might and bravery.
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