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    Why Monsoon has been playing hide and seek?

    For the first time in my 57 years of life, never seen such a dry spell in our state as we are supposed to get copious rainfall in the month of June itself but except for one shower, nothing happened next. This is July and 10 days has been passed. Our farmers are ready with tilled lands and even kept seeds ready for the crop but rains are playing hide and seek. We do get black clouds hovering over our heads but rains won't happen. Why this disparity as Mumbai and Maharastra has been bombarded with wholesome rains?
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    Monsoon is behaving in a very erratic fashion this year and we do not know the final fearful rain deficit figures. Though clouds are coming and aggregating but they are soon disjointing and are spreading away with the winds. The meteorologists and climate experts are also at their wits end to understand the present behaviour of monsoon this year. In some place heavy downpour is also reported creating a flood like situation but the rain is not consistent over the Indian peninsula as it used to be during the earlier years. This type of limited rains has a serious implication for the coming times as the crop and drinking water situations will be affected drastically. The Govt will also be under pressure to provide one of the basic utility that is water to the public in cities or far flung areas.
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    True. There are no rains till date in Telangana or AP. Only light showers were there that too for 3 or 4 days only so far. Another peculiarity this year in Hyderabad is in one area there was heavy rain and in the other area, there is no rain at all. Still, it is hot only and many are using their ACs throughout the day and night. We should pray the rain good to show mercy on us and see that all the areas of the country will have good rains so that the problem of water shortage will get sorted out. It is the high time one should understand the need for saving water and the necessary steps should be taken to avoid wastage.
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    While reading the responses to this post, the city experienced some rains here and there but we want Monsoon rain that should last long.
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    Monsoon this year is behaving in a very dispersive and scattered mode. There is no continuity in it. If this happens throughout the rainy season than there will be a big deficit of water storage in the country in our lakes, dams and other ponds. It is a serious matter.
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    Same here in Delhi. There is no sign of rain and the temperature and humidity are rising day by day. Water coolers are not enough for a person to stay at home. It's really a very dangerous situation for the farmers and will cause the scarcity of water in the nation. Moreover, if the same condition persists it will cause diseases to the people.

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    Today I read in the news that in June month end there was about 33% rain deficit in our country but as of now it is only12%. This is really a happy development during the last fortnight and if it continues we may have minimal deficit which can be managed by the nearby water reservoirs in a city. Still, it is very clear that rain is not uniform and not consistent over all the areas and some places are waiting for it to downpour heavily. This erratic behaviour of rain is puzzling for the meteorologists as well as the common people as rain is the essential source of water to meet our drinking water demands and any deficit will be very costly to all of us.
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