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    Why the sprawling old buildings which are still strong be erased?

    The TS government is bent upon bringing down the famous and Iconic Errum Manzil complex which is now housing the Engineering departments and asked them to vacate so that the sprawling complex would be constructed at a whopping cost. We do understand that construction of new structures is necessary but not at the cost of erasing such buildings which are still strong and can withstand even earthquakes as of today. So who will teach the adamant government from desisting to demolish the iconic building?
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    If the building is weak and risky from structural point of view then only it makes sense in demolishing it otherwise there are many strong heritage structures in our country which are stronger then the present day buildings mainly because of their thick walls and weight balance measures through beams and pillars and stand majestically today.

    Just because there is a plan of making a modernised building in place of the old structure, it is not a wise step to demolish the old one. Though it has happened in many places in our country that old buildings were demolished to pave ways for the new skyscrapers in which builder lobby also had interests but doing that everywhere is not a healthy option. In fact in many countries such buildings are converted in Museums or Libraries and the existing activities are shifted to a building elsewhere and that would be a better proposition.

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    If a new building is constructed it can be constructed by our people and we will get our cut in that. This is the first point. The second point is civil works are the best to enhance the value and get greater margins. The third one is superstitions. The present building vaastu is not good to KCR. So he wanted to go for a new one. Tomorrow another CM will come and for him, the vaastu will be different. So he will go to a new building by demolishing the existing building. This is all nothing but wasting public money and making money for themselves. I feel it is better that the government takes such buildings on hire and whenever CM changes he can change the rented building also. Whatever money they are spending on this building construction can be kept as fixed deposit in the bank and that interest will be more than sufficient for paying the rent. Otherwise, the governments will waste the public money in such unproductive works.
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    Not a good effort to convert. Since the building houses the Engineering Department of the government, the Engineers must have proposed the demolition of the existing building. Ultimately the engineers and contractors would be benefitted with a huge sum.
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    Constructing a new building destructing an existing one can be done for two different reasons. One is that the existing one is pretty old and is becoming weaker day by day. It will be a risk to continue working in that building. Even renovation may not help retaining it. In that case it has to be destroyed. Another reason for destruction will be for constructing a new building with more storeys such that more space can be made available.
    If none of this exist one cannot agree with the destruction of an existing building.


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    Generally the authorities will demolish a building when there are doubts or testing reports about it for its structural strength. In such cases it is logical and reasonable to do that. In absence of any such threat why they should demolish a heritage building is not understood.
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