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    Do Indians deserve to celebrate Independence Day?

    In today's TOI, New Delhi edition a piece of horrific news is published. A bonded labourer named Kasi fell at the feet of the officials of Tamil Nadu to rescue him. In that connection, the officials rescued Kasi along with 41 other labourers including children from Kancheepuram and Vellore's timber section. Kasi told the officials that they were treated as slaves. These labourers worked for twelve hours from morning six to evening six.

    The life of the labourers is a black spot on India's independence. Earlier the whole of India was under the British regime, and now in independent India, some powerful men keep the poor captive for their financial gain. What a sorry plight it is!

    I feel we are yet to be independent when some of our fellow citizens lead their life as bonded labourers. What's your take on it?
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    Shampa Sadhya,
    We as a nation celebrate independence day for having liberated India from the clutches of the British. There is nothing wrong in doing so. But we failed to eliminate our own people who treat others as slaves. We should blame our government for not acting against these rich people who rule over the poor. In most places, this has been abolished. I think such things will come to an end.

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    True. When we see such incidents we feel what is that we got by becoming independent. Independence only to rich people. Poor people are dependent only on these rich guys. The disparities between well to do and poor are increasing. The poor are suffering to have two square meals a day. This is the real problem the country is facing.
    I think in independent India politicians are getting more benefit than the general public.
    When I read the post first I am happy that the officials acted in favour of these people and see that they are relieved. I know some incidents where the officials never responded positively to such people.
    I don't think that the author is asking us to stop celebrating independence. We can celebrate without any hesitation but her only worry is how to see that all the citizens will equally enjoy the fruits of independence to the country.

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    India have developed and achieved many mile stones since independence despite struggling with crucial issues like poverty, unemployment, untouchability, communal tensions and many more. Even today, on the one side, India is creating milestones continuously in the area of space technology and on the other side, we are still facing core issues like poverty, corruption, terrorism, unemployment etc.
    I think we shall think positively and shall not be that negative as only solution to these matters including those referred by author is positivity and therefore instead of feeling guilty of celebrating independence day, we shall work in direction to make our nation great and use this national festival of pride and freedom.

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    Mr SuN,
    The Indians celebrate independence day for the freedom from the Britishers, but what kind of freedom is this when there are bonded labourers in our country. It's so deplorable. Such criminality can't be possible without any indulgence from the authorities, which is ridiculous. Just freedom of the bonded labourers is not the solution, but there should be some strict action against the exploiters. Secondly, the bonded labourers should be streamlined to include them into the mainstream of the country. The exploiters deserve severe punishment, or else India would lack respect.


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    It is really a sorry and sad state of affair in the country that the labour is being exploited in this way. As per labour act we can not take work from them more than 8 hours and we have to give them a weekly off. In case we are taking work for 12 hourly shifts then we have to give them additional weekly offs failing which we are supposed to be prosecuted by the concerned authorities.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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