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    What will happen if sea level rises?

    I have read many news items that due to polar ice melting there are chances that in a few years the sea level may start rising and this rise is not a small one but can go to even 20-25 inches which is pretty high to engulf a lot of land mass.

    What do you think about this? Is it a threat to the mankind? What will be the actions required by the world goverments to cope up with it? Please share your knowledge about this.
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    No worry, Nothing will happen. Nothing much will be affected. Only a few low lying Islands might face land erosion. When it happens, you and I won't be a witness to it.
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    Sun, by the statement 'few low lying islands', you mean 10-15 countries such as Maldives and Vietnam which are on the verge of submerging.? Yes, according to a number of reports, in a few decades, much proportions of the areas of a large number of countries are going to be submerged under water. Food scarcity, water scarcity, mass displacement of people, rising pollution levels and many more will be the consequence of rising sea levels which is going to affect not only a few low lying islands but the whole world.

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    I had been to a low lying Island and stayed for years. I have studied the behaviour of the sea. A rise in few inches won't affect the Island. Of course, Tsunami and high tidal waves could cause damage and wash away the people and property. The islanders started constructing multi-storey buildings to meet the eventualities.

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    Parts of many countries will become submerged if the waters in the seas and oceans rise. And this will happen due to Global Warming. Apart from islands and coastal areas the most affected regions according to an article that I read are Osaka in Japan, Miami and Houston in the USA, the Chinese city of Shanghai, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, Alexandria in Egypt, London in the UK, Bangkok in Thailand to name just a few.
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    Global warming and associated melting of the large volumes of polar ice are definitely going to create havoc in the globe as there are many areas which will be submerged in water and there will be large scale massive shifting of the people from low lands to higher altitudes. This may not happen soon as it will take time to reach that stage and it could probably take some decades or more in happening a disastrous thing like that.

    There is another angle to this thinking and that says that Earth has cycles of intermittent low temperature and geologically it is proven that low temperature ages commonly known as ice ages prevailed on Earth time to time separated by thousands of years. If by any chance such a cold grip starts in near future then the global warming may be retarted and will be delayed significantly. Researchers are already on work in understanding this aspect of the climate of Earth on long run and it may not be possible to predict anything at this juncture precisely.

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    If sea level rises the immediate threat would be to the low lying area of the people and they have to be shifted and rehab works have to be undertaken. And the important feature of sea or ocean waves is that when they raise high they also retract the same height and speed. So little soil erosion on the shore could be possible but the sea water cannot permanently occupy the new space as feared by the author. By the way, the main occupants are at least two km away from the seashore in any city and that is the lead space given for sea to raise and then retract on its own.
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    What if we construct high sea walls on the shores of all the low lying countries. India, having a vast sea coast, can start constructing a sea wall to a height of just three meters. If we start this work this year, we can complete it within 100 years, very slowly and steadily. (Are you laughing?)
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    well, mankind has to pay price for their sins by cutting trees and polluting environment for the sake of greed and personal luxury. As per some theories of globalisation, because temperature of earth will rise, the ice of northern and southern island will start melting and eventually it will increase the level of sea water which will destroy many small islands.
    The only solution to this problem, in my opinion , is to grow as much trees as possible.

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    Please check images of cities on the coasts of the Americas and Europe. They are built right on the shores. Have you travelled to Mumbai, Puducherry, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, to name a few Indian cities? I have lived in these cities, and my home was always just metres away from the sea. Most cities built on the sea coasts, stand right on the shores. Where do you get your information?

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    It is going to be a problem and many areas from different countries across the globe will get submerged if it happens. The only question is how much it will take and whether we will witness it or not. But whether we witness or not, we should take some precautions at least from now onwards. Global warming, deforestation, abuse of nature and pollution of air and water are some of the reasons for these problems. As individuals, we should feel our responsibilities for these points and try to see that we will not spoil the earth to such a level that it will lose its patience.
    I also heard of Ice ages and actually much information is not known to me that once in how many years this may happen? Anyhow the creator is there to take care of everything and HE may have his own plans.
    These days almost all coastal cities are having multistoried building jut very near to the sea and there is no rule that no house can't be constructed within 2 Kms from the seashore. I have seen in Kakinada AP also such constructions.

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    I want to add that in the past geological history of Earth such sea changes have happened. Some of them were very severe and fatal and are believed to bring phenomenal changes on Earth and its animals and pre human species. This is not going to be a new thing. What caused those great sea changes is a matter of research but melting of huge bodies of ice can always be a reason for that. I had once visited Dwarika temple in the western coastal part of the state of Gujarat and I was told that there are many temples submerged under the sea at the same place which indicates that due to slow movement of land masses (called tectonic movement) towards anticlockwise direction the earlier temples submerged beneath and new temples were made in that place. That is in an span of a few thousand years. So sea level rising and tectonic movements both will actually govern the final topography of the land masses. Those who want to know about it more may read the geological history of Indian peninsula.
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    The arctic ice melting entirely doesn't change sea levels since that is already water is solid form sitting on water. Sea ice is not a problem. A huge area of the Arctic ocean ice had melted in 1955 or so, and we didn't see major effects on other parts of earth.

    Land ice when it melts, it can cause sea levels to rise but not as much as the fear-mongering global warming people claim. When a huge mass of land ice melts, the weight of that ice is removed from the land and the landmass can buckle upwards with less pressure holding it down. That can create a variety of scenarios which can be theorized somewhat. One can say for eg. The Greenland island, when it loses all its ice, can increase in height overall and create a emptiness of sorts underneath where the excess water can go and occupy that space, and the rest of earth won't feel sea level rising.

    The so-called global warming can have more frozen land areas available for human activity. There will be land areas accessible in the northern regions of Russia, Canada, Norway etc., as well as in the Antarctica.

    While the above is all possible, what really messes up the sea-level rise scare is the way the locals of Diego Garcia island got evacuated so that the UK and USA now use that area for a huge military base, global warming kind of by-passed them with special permission from those 'special people'. The natives scattered around the neighboring islands/countries are still fighting to get back ownership of their land but they will never get it.

    So when you hear these sea-level rise, over-population and other danger events, take it with a grain of salt, (maybe a handful is better). Check the sources of the information you heard, then do some research on your own if possible, or get info from other non-advertised sources, then figure out where the truth stands.

    Granted there are some places where sea has moved inward on landmasses and some small islands are affected. Check about the activity in those places – there may be some construction stretching into the sea affecting the natural ocean currents that are disturbed now to encroach in some places while building up beaches in other parts. Or those places got their sand beaches destroyed to create conditions for land sinking lower, and the sea just flowed in with no fault of its own.

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    Many of the parts will submerge in the ocean if the level increase that will cause harm to the flora and fauna. Also, the climate of many regions will change due to the same. Mainly the islands will suffer the most.

    Let's pray that it doesn't happen and to stop this we should contribute to the things which help in reducing global warming mainly air pollution.


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