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    Kancheepuram is known for Idli and Pattu Sarees. But you must visit now for ?

    The famous temple city of Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu is known for Idli and Pattu Sarees. But for the past one week, the city is making rounds in social media for another big reason. The main temple called Varadarajan Temple which is equivalent to Tirupathi is the place to visit by all. Because once in 40 years the main deity which is 15 feet high made purely with fig gree trunk is taken out from the temple tank and decorated on the lines of Tirumala Balaji and thus to witness this great religious happening many people from foreign countries are thronging this place.

    Please read this thread also in conjunction.
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    I have been to Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu but did not know this thing. Thanks to the author for sharing this information. It is really interesting to note that the deity will be taken out of the tank and will be decorated for people or devotees to have a glimpse of it and offer their prayers. These religious occasions are important as they remind us our mythology and the culture to which we belong.
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    Even PM Modi would be visiting on 23rd of this month and the whole world would know about this great temple and diety on that day.
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    Yes. I know about it. My second son and his wife went to Kanchipuram during last week and Kanchi is too crowded. They stayed for a day and had to spend almost 6 to 7 hours to have the Darshan of Varadaraja Swamy. Not only that temple all other temples are also crowded and getting good accommodation during this period is very difficult.
    Kanchi Pattu is very famous. We will get these sarees there for lesser price. But we should not get ditched by duplicate material. Better to go to a good shop and buy from there. Some people will come to us while we are on a walk and offer some clothes for a very low price but there are chances that such clothes may not be of original quality.

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    It is good to know that Kancheepuram is celebrating this religious ritual and many devotees are likely to reach there to see this. Temples have their own speciality in one or more respects and that is what makes them famous among the masses.
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    The idol is 9 feet long. But it is mentioned different height in various sites. In his interview to The Hindu Newspaper, Lakshminarasimhan@Kittu bhattar, a priest of Kanchi Varadaraja temple said, the idol is retrieved from 9 feet tub, which exactly fits to the idol. Also to your doubt on why the wooden idol did not float, he gives the answer in the same interview, there are clamps with serpent image called Nagabasams are attached to the tub to keep the idol safe with in the tub.

    If anyone interested to visit Kancheepuram Athi Varadar, please get to know what to be expected there before you travel. Here is my article on the same..
    Who is Athi Varadar and how to visit Him?

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    Srimathi thanks for adding further information. But I have seen a Tamil news channel which mentioned 15 feet height of the idol.
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