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    Analysis of marriage-to laugh and think

    A friend of mine wrote about marriage life. It made me lauhh but think also.
    1.How BEDROOM smells after MARRIAGE:
    First 3 years....
    Perfumes, Flowers,
    After 3 years....
    Baby Powder, Johnson's Cream and Lotions,
    Baby Oils....

    After 15 years....
    Tiger balm, axe oil, methylsalicilate ointment

    After 40 years....
    Spiritual books, watching Tv alone
    Four stages of marriage:
    ??Mad for each other,
    ?? Made for each other,
    ?? Mad at each other &
    ?? Mad because of each other

    What's Marriage?
    Answer- MARRIAGE Is The 7th Sense of Humans, that Destroys All The Six Senses and Makes The Person NON Sense..!

    Definition Of Happy Couple -
    HE Does What SHE Wants…
    SHE Does What SHE Wants
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    As usual, the author came with a good dose of comic and laughter with this post. Yes almost everyone goes through such phase and it was aptly mentioned.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Marriage is a life long commitment of living together and it so happens that due to various phases in our life which are encountered by us, our needs and necessities also change with them. So what seems today normal becomes abnormal tomorrow and when we compare them in a hilarious way the comedy is created. The author has given a very good presentation of our life with time showing the increasing superiority of the housewife with that which may not be an exact thing happening in all the households but comedy is only created when things are exaggerated and generalised. Logical and rational presentations will not make us laugh. Anyway a good post making us to smile in the morning.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nice. For Laughing and enjoying it is good. I don't think we should not take all of them as facts. Not only bedrooms whole house will slowly change as per the age of the couple living the house. Of course, people who are staying in united families may see these changes in their respective bedrooms only as there different couples in the house in different age groups. Definition happy couple may vary from couple to couple and in my case, we are a happy couple, as I do whatever she wants and she does whatever I want. We have celebrated our 33rd marriage anniversary this year.
    always confident

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    An interesting and humorous post by the author. It is a comic narration but shows the reality of married life that what are the changes taking place with the time. A good selection by the author to present in the forum to make us laugh and enjoy the post.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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