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    Is there any excuse to regular late office goers?

    Whether it is government office, department or even private companies or organizations, time of duty has to be followed and there is no exceptions for the high or low-grade employees. Everyone needs to come in time and there cannot be an excuse for regular latecomers. In fact, in some officers, there are strict rules like three lates treated as one half day leave. Or in some offices latecomers are made to work for long hours to compensate for the late timings. What is your view on this issue?
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    People who are disciplined and want to have an orderly life will reach office in time. In fact these people are generally punctual in other assignments also and take things seriously and sincerely. On the other hand there are some people who take things casually and do not bother for the consequences and believe that there is no hurry in life and what will happen to them if they reach the office late also. If you punish them then also they will be in the groove for some time but will go back to their bad habits soon. Some organisations will ask these late comers to sit late to compensate the morning absence but that is also not a good solution as many of them will start to follow the suit and many important things could be delayed in the morning. Some companies train their employees in courses on discipline and punctuality to motivate and inculcate these things in them.
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    It is always good to maintain timing. But these days in many of the private or government offices, we find people working very late and going back home very late. That is why there is an observation that people are going late to the office. These days if you observe no IT employee will come back home in time and even after coming home he will have on line calls and they have to spend a good time in that. So they go late as they have to attend some domestic works. I don't find anything wrong in that. Punctuality should be there for going as well as coming back. Otherwise how they can have their family living happily.
    So slowly people are going into the concept of completing their jobs irrespective of timing. They may come late or they more go early but their work is not being kept pending. Once it is followed there will not be any dispute. I am also a regular late goer to the office.

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    many people are in the habit of going to office late but they come back invariably at the same time with others. This creates a feeling in the minds of the other people who are punctual that there is no governance in the system. If it happens it is a bad thing for the overall discipline of the organisation. In such situation it is necessary that these late comers should be punished in some way so that they do not dare to repeat it often.
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    Latecomers in their duties are exceptionally intelligent and are aware of the tricks to please their subordinates if they happen to Boss or in the reverse situations being employees they apply oily tongue to the Boss.
    Such employees can go to any extent requesting the Boss to offer them any chores connected with their homes such as bringing rations, coaching their children thrice a week or so on. Any relaxation offered by the Bosses for such work can endanger the reputation of the Boss apart from getting liesure for merry - making. Moreover, the entire atmosphere of the office becomes polluted with such handful elements.
    There should not be any relaxation in the office - displine and the defaulters are to taken to task.

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    The right punishment for such latecomers should be to grant them leave for that day. Thus their leave will be severely affected. They won't have any leave to avail when required. With a fear of getting compulsory leave for their late reporting would straighten them to attend their offices in time.
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    Rarely late goers might have reason to explain. But habitual late goers have no valid reason as their late going is because of a)lack of interest in work,2)lethargic mentality, 3)non alerted family persons4)family problems
    To get rid of this the only thing is in the hands of concerned person as he have to make up his mind about the importance of employment.

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    No excuse for the latecomers anywhere. People should understand the importance of time. I have seen if no action is taken against such people they get habitual of coming late.

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