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    The astroid named as '16 Psyche' is full of gold!

    The astroid '16 Psyche' is one of the massive astroids in the astroid belt in our solar system. It is about 200 km in diameter and was discovered long back in the year 1852. The prefix 16 means that it is the 16th minor planet in order of their discoveries and Psyche is the name of a Greek mythological figure given to this astroid.

    Interesting thing is that as per the scientific studies, there is a lot of gold and platinum in this astroid and as space science is developing in leaps and bounds there are possibilities raised in the scientific circles to mine and bring this to Earth.

    Anyway NASA has already planned a spaceship to be sent there in the year 2022 which will reach there sometime in 2026 and study this astroid in details.

    I found this news item much interesting and thought to share it here with the members.
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    So, in the year 2022, the gold price would fall and people who accumulated gold now would cry forever. After hearing this news, people might try to sell their gold and keep the money in the bank.
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    Very good information from the author and I thank him for sharing the piece of information he read in the paper. It is good to know that NASA is planning to send a spaceship to the asteroid named '16 Psyche' to space. If it can do the expected work we can expect a good volume of Gold to this earth and the cost may also come down. But I appreciate the efforts of NASA and ISRO in understanding the space more and deriving benefits from their studies to this earth. All should feel proud of their works.
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    A good piece of information by the author. It is really great that NASA is spending so much money to explore this unique astroid. As it is quite far from the Earth and it takes to reach there about 4 years, the logistics of mining precious metals and bringing them back to Earth does not look much promising but yes, in scientific pursuits things go like that only and the space research is going to advanced stages day by day so we can not predict anything today about those modalities of bringing the precious metals to Earth.
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