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    Success of micro ATMs in the villages.

    Govt in 2015 started providing the micro ATMs in the villages. National Payment Corporation of India coordinated this scheme. A villager can use his finger print in the micro ATM machine and through linkage with his Aadhar number, he can withdraw cash from his bank account. The limit of withdrawal is Rs 10,000. So far about 60,000 micro ATMs are installed in our country and more are in the pipeline.

    It seems that these micro ATMs are getting popular with the villagers as they do not have to go now to bank or ATM in the nearby town for this transaction. As per the report in the newspaper the transactions in these ATMs are increasing significantly which shows their utility and usefulness.

    Anyone having experience of these micro ATMs. Any comments on them?
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    I heard about these micro ATMs. But I have not seen or not used. I have gone to my native place in Andhra Pradesh two months back. There were no such ATMs at that time in that place. I have gone to the village bank as the Manager happened to be my friend. He was mentioning about this concept. He says in these village banks generally, staff are less as the total work may be less. But the problem is the work on a particular day may be high and on the other day, it may be very less. So they are trying to introduce user-friendly Micro ATMs which will be very useful to the villagers and with that there may be some relief to the bank staff.
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    The name Micro ATM sounds good and the system should work better. Anything introduced newly may not please initially, but as the days go, it would prove to be much beneficial. I haven't heard or seen a Micro ATM in my village. .
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    I have read about this in the newspaper and it is really a good idea to provide the villagers such a facility without the hassle of remembering a PIN number or password for their transactions. If more villages are covered under it then it will be a very good concept benefitting a large number of villagers.
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    While I do appreciate micro ATM's at the village level to facilitate the farmers, but as per my knowledge, many banks have the mobile ATM's which makes rounds to every village.
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