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    Congress blames present govt for poor remaining poor

    Yesterday while participating in the debate on 5 trillion economy being poised by the Modi government the Congress leader Kapil Sibal took a dig at Modi government that how come the NDA government would ensure such surge in the economy when poor are remaining poor and there is no improvement in their lives. But we all know that Congress was in power for the majority of the terms and they failed to address this nagging problem nor anytime tried to elevate the status of the poor.
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    Congress is wrong to say this. India is not with the poor as before. With the introduction of SHG (Self Help Group) and 180 days work for a member in each family, we have brought down the poverty level that existed earlier. Congress party should learn good governance from BJP. We should be happy that our target is 5 Trillion Dollars Economy.
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    I too agree that people are not so poor as portrayed by Congress. Even normal labour gets 500 rupees minimum wage for his eight hours works which are sufficient to cater to a family.
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    The gap between poor and rich is getting widened. But this has not happened with in the last five years. Long back this problem started and growing day by day. Congress should accept their fault. Blaming BJP for this is not correct. They can question BJP regarding their plans to bring down the gap.
    In India definitely these days the standard of living increased. All the people are somehow earning their lively hood. Many are not starving for food. This is a fact to be accepted. The tax collection improved and welfare activities are in place. But due to corruption and unethical practices rich are enmassing huge mo ey. Particularly there is no control on politicians.

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    No Govt in a populous country like India can remove poverty in one day. A good governance can reduce the number of poor people in the country and also increase their per capita income to a reasonable level. Govt has to create conducive environment for business and economy to thrive which will create jobs and a platform for people to do efforts for self employment. The present Govt is doing many efforts in this direction and results are being seen. Congress can blame the present Govt in whatever way they want but the fact of the things is that progress is already seen and visualised by the people of this country at large. The schemes introduced and pursued by the present regime are more and less in the favour of lower class only.
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    The poor in our country are not made poor recently. They are poor from the last so many decades when congress ruling was there. It is easy to blame the other party but difficult to do the developmental work. What was the achievement of congress when they themselves were in power and were having full control of everything in the country.
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    Did the Congress blame the government for the poor remaining poor? I think we should get our facts correct while bringing up such issues for discussion in a forum. We are not part of any media and so need not manipulate or script such statements.
    The question that Kapil Sibal asked was as to what was the point in $5 Trillion economy when the majority of people in the country are still poor. His point was to highlight the present state of the economy and to suggest that the basic issues need to be addressed before aiming higher or making utopian promises.

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    These days, we hardly see any beggar on the road begging for food or cash. It is an indication that the poverty level in India has come down drastically. Hope to see a beggar free India soon.

    Don't you know that if the economy increases, the poverty level decreases?

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    As our lead editor Saji Ganesh ji has quoted Kabil Sibbal and has made correction in facts, i would definitely like to respond. Now that Mr. Sibbal have put a heavy question that why to set target of 5 Trillion U.S. Dollars economy when majority of people in the country are still poor, i also would like to put some questions before Congress Party and their leaders:

    My questions are as follow:
    When majority of people in the country are/were poor,
    1) Why Rajiv Gandhi brought in Computers in India?
    2) Why did Nehru Govt. Set up ISRO with huge Investment?
    3) Why Manmohan Singh and Narsimha Rao Govt. allowed privatisation in India?
    4) Why MPs and MLAs used to get heavy perqs and salaries?
    5) Why MPs and MLAs including big leaders are living in Bunglows?
    6) Why did UPA allowed industrialisation?

    The list of questions doesn't end here and it is now time for congress party to seriously introspect and give up politics of negativity as people of India have already rejected it in recent LS Elections 2019.

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