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    Kumaraswamy Govt to take the majority test soon

    The crisis in Karnataka has taken to the Supreme Court and in all probability, the court would give its directions on 16th July but Kumaraswamy wants to prove his coalition government majority inside the house. But the dissidence and the no trust MLA's have already moved from Congress and JD'S and therefore it is for sure the Kumaraswamy government would fail the majority trust and pave way for the BJP to form the government soon. Any comment?
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    It is sure. Now BJP is having majority with this new MLAs from Congress and JD(S). These days it has become a practice for MLAs and MPs without leaving their elected posts changing the party. This is to be modemed. If somebody want to change party they should resign for the elected post also.
    Now in Goa Congress MLAs joined in BJP, Karnataka we all know, Four MPs from TDP gone to BJP. I Telangana Congress MLAs joined TRS. This is nothing but political prostitution. All should condemn these defections..

    always confident

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    Karnataka assembly dispute has become a laughing stock now and due to some people going to court it is further complicated. The speaker has taken some stand and interested parties want some quick decision while the ruling party wants to linger the situation to woo the MLAs back. Now a days it has become a trend that court is deciding everything as if we do not have our own decision making calibre. Let us see what turn the events take place but whatever it is the this show is a bad precedence and is not in good taste.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The Karnataka assembly is facing a real crisis after the resignation of dissident MLAs. It is a real threat to the present regime as in the floor test they may lose the numbers. As per the court direction the resignation is now accepted but still many things are not clear. To make a Govt is now only a number game and whoever wins will make the govt.
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    Now kumaraswamy declared that he is ready to take the majority test. As per the Supreme Court order nothing will happen till Tuesday. After that probably the speaker mY give him a greaser line to prove his majority. Probably the present Chief Minister May be thinking that some MLAs gone out may come back and Congress will see that all their MLAs support the present government.
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