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    Why some of us justify negative self-talk?

    Some people are in the habit of making negative self-talk. They will say, "I have done this wrongly. Oh, it was my mistake only" or "I should not have done this. It was disastrous" or "Again I have done it wrongly. I will never learn".

    If you stop them not to do it they will start telling that how weak and inferior they are and they can not attempt any work fearing that they will fail in it. They will always have negative toughs and negative self-talk about themselves. If you advise them not to do like that and try to motivate them, they will not agree and instead justify their arguments by more examples and narrations.

    Why some people are so much adamant in making as well as justifying their negative self-talk? Please share your views on this.
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    We all make mistakes and learn from it. They say mistakes are a stepping stone to success. It gives you experience and the ability to overcome it. We just need be open and make sure that we learn from it.

    Some people make mistakes and that is deliberate. It can be due to ego, hatred or to get the work out of their way. Such people know how to survive against situations and by taking the blame on one's self relief them from boss as well as the work.

    If a person knows that he has done a mistake and keeps on justifying instead of correcting it means his /her mistakes are deliberate and he/she is finding a way out of not doing the work.

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    Negative self-talk is not a good trait as it reflects on the weakness of the person. It is true that some people are always blaming themselves and for everything finding fault within themselves. Such people will always be seeking opportunities to confide and share their failures with others. It may not be exactly for the purpose of getting sympathy for the others but it is a negative attribute in their mannerism which manifests time to time. We should not entertain such people because more we hear their failure stories more they will try to justify those setbacks. We can at most tell them to forget the past and prepare for tomorrow. Less they talk about their unsuccessful past more it will be better for their present and future. Otherwise they will simply waste their life in weeping and condemning themselves.
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    Nothing wrong in it. Those self-talking people are the people who understand themselves better. They accept their own mistakes and realize it. I won't accept it as a bad trait or habit. They are broadminded. They are far better than the people who don't admit their faults and put the blame on others.
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    There are two types of people who talk self negatively.
    The first type is that they have a fear of not knowing and fear of doing a mistake. These people can be change by mentoring them and telling that they are capable and if there is any problem there are people to help them. If we force them to do in our presence and if we guide them slowly they will change and they will get confidence and start thinking positively. Mentoring is what they need and generally they are ready to change their attitude.
    The second type people are intelligent but they don't want to show their intelligence thinking that the other people will be jealous of them, They can do the things well and they will do the things when alone and do precisely. If somebody force them to do they pretend as if they are prone to mistakes. These people can't be changed by mentoring or guiding. We should remember that they are more capable than many. It is better just to leave them like that. They feel tha if they show correctly what they are doing the other people will copy the things from them.

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    When it comes to the worst things for our mental health, constantly thinking negative is definitely one of them, especially when it is about yourself. Negative self-talk feeds anxiety and depression.

    Don't be afraid to go to a friend or someone you trust when you are having a tense or a weak moment. Sharing our feelings of embarrassment, disappointment, or frustration can help us recognize whether the things we are saying to ourselves are helpful or unhelpful. Also, meditation is also one of the methods to fight against such depressive thoughts. Always make a habit to listen to your critics patiently. It does not make any sense that you take them very seriously and start cursing yourself.


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