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    First job fair for LGBTQI community in Bengaluru.

    In a first of its kind the first job fair for LGBTQI community was held in Bengaluru on 12th July, yesterday. This was organised by the Pride Circle, Bengaluru. They have plans to organise it in other cities also. About 300 job seekers belonging to the community have registered for this event. It is very interesting and encouraging to note that 36 companies participated in this event for selection and scouting of candidates for positions in their workplace.

    This event has drawn attraction of many social workers and other people who feel that LGBTQI community should get equal opportunities in the society.

    What do you think about this first of its kind job fair for the benefit of this community? Please share your thoughts.
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    In Hyderabad also there was a job fair for a particular community. This was organised by the association of that particular community and many job seekers from that community from both the Telugu states attended the same. About 15 companies came for that and about 100 people got jobs in that fair. It is good that 100 members got jobs.
    But the question is can we conduct fairs like this on the basis of community or caste. What I mentioned may be different from what the author is mentioning above.

    always confident

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    LCBTQI is a category which also requires access to jobs, career and other things just like the normal males and females in our country. So, such functions to attract them for the job are definitely a good thing and it is good to note that there was a good response to this fair also. I think now a days Govt and private industries are also accepting the applications from these people if they have the requisite qualification. Main thing is we have to socially accept them in all respect.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Good that LGBTQI is getting the attention of the companies who are now queuing up to recruit members from that community for job openings. This way their long-standing demand of accepting them in the mainstream has been accepted. Now the big question remains to be addressed in every mind about the acceptance of that community among the employees in those companies and how are they going to behave normally. Society expects everyone must be treated with respect.
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