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    A query regarding premium writers

    While going through the help topics I came across a point which mentions about more opportunities to earn for a writer with excellent writing skills.

    I want to know more about such an opportunity if it exists on ISC.
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    It probably refers to working directly with ISC as a Content Writer. Such writers create content for ISC on given topics and can earn more than what one does writing articles. You will work as a Ghost Writer and will not be eligible for Adsense Revenue or Revenue Share Bonus for the content you produce.

    Please refer to this post by the Webmaster. It is an old post, but the opportunities would be similar.

    Edited: The content isn't solely for ISC.

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    Time to time in ISC, the webmaster will be giving a forum notice asking the interested people to give their names for premium content writing and in that case some members also apply for the same whenever such an opportunity arises. This is basically for those who have a very good grip on content writing and can deliver elaborate work on the given topic or theme in the stipulated time frame. This content writing thing is also happening in many other sites in internet under the different projects or names of the scheme.

    Anyway, if a person is interested in such a premium segment work he can interact with the webmaster through ISC or webmaster's email to find out if any such opportunity exists at the present juncture. It will also be advisable to forwards one's credentials in this area for the consideration of the webmaster so that if he finds a deserving case, he can give a positive response on that.

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    Sometimes when there is a requirement for any content writing the webmaster will be giving notice through a forum post to give the names if interested for content writing. We can give our names and the webmaster may select the names based on the writing abilities and their record on ISC. Once you are selected you will be attached to a group and you have to write as per the requirement and you will be paid based on per word. These days I have not seen any such forum thread. However, you can put up your request in a mail or you can contact him through his page on facebook. Once you start writing and if the administration is happy with your work you may be given a chance to work as an Editor also for this site. Some of the Editors we are seeing today started first as a content developer and then became editors. All depends on your writing skills, the requirement to the site. You can try. All the best to you.
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    Dr. Rao,

    This thread is a query about premium writing. Your response is not related to that. What you are referring to is content writing for the various sections of ISC, for which a team was built and headed by one of the editors on our main editorial panel. Premium content writing is totally different. It is related to content writing assignments which the Webmasters get from third parties. They may want to have an article published at ISC (as stated by Juana), perhaps with a promotional link to their products/services and will pay for having it written by somebody with excellent English writing skills. Some may want content written for their websites. It is in such cases that the Webmasters may directly approach good ISC authors or invite applications through a forum thread. Members themselves can communicate their interest through the contact us page.

    You can refer to this Help Topic page wherein the text referred to by Umar is to be found.

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    Thank you for your information and I stand corrected. I thought it as content writing. I might have read the post twice. I read the information after seeing your post. Once again thank you.
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    Premium writers are assigned with a particular task and topic on which they have to develop the content as per the requirements of the webmaster of any site and even ISC would be interested to have such writers who need not be members of this site as regulars but make good content on a topic as sought by our webmaster or our editorial board. I request the editors to consider this post as the application for the premium writing by the author and he may be contacted personally and have the details told which is required by our site. For further details, the author can refer our help topics on the matter.
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    Thank you very much members for
    you valuable information on the topic.

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