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    The cost of a very costly distraction

    Whether it is a poor or a rich man, any distraction towards the opposite sex is normally very costly. When the most unwanted things occur, the consequences in terms of shame and loss of respect can be huge. It is concerns a very highly reputed business magnate, the shame becomes more acute.

    Exactly what has happened to one Mr. Rajagopal, the owner of the Rd10000 crore Saranavabhavan group of Hotels. This is now an international brand of repute. The 70 plus man, who was until 15 years ago, a huge example and role model for hard work and discipline, is today at the receiving end. He has to cool his heels and his body at the Puzhal prison. He is reportedly sick but the life imprisonment for having planned and executed the murder of the husband of a very young man who had married his lady love, has landed him in this mess.

    Another lesson: never believe astrologers who can misguide you. Some cunning astrologer who wanted to make money advised Rajagopal that he should somehow marry a girl who was already married. This has brought him this misery. The lesson is crystal clear: be wedded only to your family for ultimate happiness.
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    This is the clear case of past deeds which are now paying the price. He may be rich and his branded hotel may be famous but the way he chose to eliminate the person hindrance to him has been proved and the so-called rich person is healing the legs in the prison. I really liked the last sentence of the author which is the clear advice to all who wants to get the happiness of life elsewhere leaving their own family in the lurch. And I have seen many people who turn to rich always have bad habits in the guise of they getting more money through the business. So using the money for wrong deeds bring them to defame and also punishments.
    K Mohan
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    I read about this in the newspaper and was remembering the days when I was in Chennai and was impressed by this business entity known as Saranavabhavan and we used to go to their restaurants where we got high class south Indian preparations. I am today sorry to note the plight of the owner of such a big business group just by doing a single mistake rather say blunder in his life.

    One should not be driven by the foolish logics of advisers or astrologers and instead use ones own judgement and mind in ones personal life and should not take such temperamental and shrewd actions which eventually boomerang back.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Oh, that's very sad. Many people do such mistakes. Very rare astrologers do the right prediction about your future and most of them just talk good about your future to gain money from you. It's very shocking that a man of 71 years falls in love with the lady who was married already. People should always think before falling in such traps. It's sad on the part of the man who was killed by him just because he was a husband of the young lady.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    How can anyone be sorry for the man's plight? He orchestrated the murder of a man. He got what he deserves. Such men are a disgrace to society and should be dealt with severely. I stopped eating at Saravana Bhavan as a matter of principle. I don't want to fill the coffers of a man charged with a heinous crime.

    The man had two wives, which is a crime as per the Hindu Marriage Act. His second wife was also the wife of one of his employees. Incidentally, the woman that he had wanted to take as his third wife was also the daughter of an employee. She rejected his proposal and instead married the man she loved. This man was later abducted and murdered, at the behest of Rajagopal, the owner of Saravana Bhavan. Incidentally, the murdered man too was an employee of Rajagopal.

    The victim's wife was never the ladylove of Rajagopal. He had pursued her, but she had always rejected his advances. Men like him are creeps.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Whatever mistakes we do in our life definitely we will get the payment for that in some form or other. Whatever is happening is what is due for you. You will not get a single point extra or a single point less. We all know great NTR. Many people admired him and used to treat him like a God. But the death he experienced is the result of his own mistake. Why he should get attracted towards a lady at the age of above 60 years. He was destabilised from the post by his own son in law. Here I am not discussing who is right and who is wrong. But NTR suffered. He suffered because of his own actions only. Same is the case with this Rajagopal. He deserves the punishment I feel. What is the right he is having in getting a person murdered? Money always will not shield us from the difficulties what we have to encounter.
    We can't say all the astrologers will be in the same frame of mind. I know some astrologers who never say things to please the other persons. For some of them making money is not the ultimate. We can't treat all the astrologers in the same way. There are many people who never accept even a single paise for their predictions. I can show such people if anybody wants to meet. But I can't mention their names here.

    always confident

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    This is a clear cut response of " Everything you do, everything you chose, everything you say, everything you make, comes back to you sooner or later. The same thing happened.

    He did the execrable thing which landed him in jail and now suffering with pain. These are the signs that whatever we do here has to be completed here on earth.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    It is said that as you sow, so shall you reap. In this case same thing has happened. The offender and the criminal got what he deserved. Let us neither be sad for him nor sorry. Whether he was driven by the advise of an astrologer or his own lust, it is condemnable. It is a shameful thing that people of such high status are doing such mean actions. It clearly shows the hidden devil in them. It also shows that he was never a good person but was disguised in that form. A person can not become a criminal suddenly. He must be having the evil seeds in him since his childhood.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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