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    Other content site being down day by day but ISC still stand well?

    Other content site being down day by day but ISC still stand well and getting good traffic and revenue from site? How ISC doing different from other site to stand well against lot of competitors? I think ISC old and active members can answer well and moderator ,editor can also contribute on this thread to get more light on this matter.

    I am working at ISC since long and I am happy that still able to maintain activeness on this site and I hope will do good in future also.
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    Yes ISC has been successfully withstanding the competition from other sites and when other sites get closed or suffer from want of contributors, ISC members spread across the country to contribute one post or the other and thus keep the site going. Some members are very active all through the day and some are active in the resources section and many are posting jobs and information and reviews. Thus some activity or the other is taking place which keeps the site going and getting strong day by day. And for those who joined new, this information would convince them to be happy joined here.
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    The main reason for this I think is good members, good editors, good administration and good teamwork. Even some of the sister sites of ISC are also not doing well but this site is doing well. The main feeling for it is teamwork only. There are many members who are very much dedicated and spend time on this site and sometimes there may be some differences of opinions but ultimately at the end of the day all will be coming together and working. This only is making this site unique in many aspects. All the sections of the site are always giving good information to the visitors and the visitors feel satisfied with the information that is getting from this site. So it is attracting more viewers and that is giving good revenue to the site. Another positive quality of this site is the administration is very sincere and pay on time to the members like a company pays monthly salary to its employees. That is making this site a front runner among similar sites for which all the members and Editors should be thankful to the webmaster and the administration.
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    It's sad that other sites like ISC have been down. I was on various sites before joining ISC but after a few years, they stopped their business. ISC seems to run for a long because of its content and the credit goes to the members who write good contents and the editors who don't allow low standard content here and delete them. Also maybe the cc they provide to the articles is better than the other sites which inspire good authors to write here. The webmaster and other people who work for the site are doing their job well as they don't allow spamming and optimise the contents to receive good traffic.

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    Today internet is full of sites in every sphere of knowledge and they are having tremendous competition with each other. Though the contributors and surfers are also in a big number still some sites could not survive due to mainly the dwindling number of the contributors as well as due to lack of good content. There are four main things which make a site successful and that is the content of the site, large number of good contributors, adequate motivation for the contributors in terms of money or name and fame and a good traffic to the site. If these vital elements are present in the site then advertisers and other business associates will come automatically to share their advertisements and announcements here which will add to the revenue of the site.

    ISC is having a unique feature of sustaining its member base through various interesting activities in form of the contests and that is one reason why we do not experience monotony here. There is always something to do and you never feel the void which generally triggers the feeling to go to other sites or blogging hosts. Another strength is its educational content due to which there is a continuous visit of students for one query or another doubt in pursuing their educational career.

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    Yes its true ISC doing well and it's sister sites down due to less active members I also joined many sites previously but nowadays only active on 3 sites only one is ISC other is YouTube and blogging.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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