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    Why is the New Zealand cricket team nicknamed as Black Caps?

    Find out from this forum thread the reason why the New Zealand cricket team is known as the Black Caps.

    The South African team's nickname is Proteas where Australians nickname is Aussies and Kangaroos and the England Team is called an English cricket Team or Barmy army and so on. Why is the New Zealand cricket team nicknamed as Black Caps? Is there any significance to it?
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    As far as my knowledge goes on this subject, the colour of the uniform used by the New Zealand players is black and the cap they use on the field is the black cap. That is the reason why they are called black caps. On the day of semi-finals between India and New Zeland, many newspapers which published many articles on the various aspects of the match that is going to be played and the and analysis they made, mentioned New Zeland team members as blackcaps and Indian team members as blue claps. This made me understand as above. If anything else is there the learned members of ISC may mention in their responses to this thread.
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    In my opinion, too this is due to the uniform they wear. They wear a black cap that's why they are called blackcaps like the Indian team called men in blue simply because they wear a blue uniform.

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    Note that the Black Caps is the nickname for only the national cricket team of New Zealand and not for their other national teams. Accordingly, the title and text have been corrected. For example, their national hockey team is referred to as the Black Sticks. You can look up the interesting information given in Wikipedia of the origin of the nickname Black Caps (

    Also, note that the Australian national cricket team is referred to as 'Baggy Greens' with reference to their green caps which, well, look baggy. The English national cricket team as such has no nickname, though I recall reading somewhere or from some movie that they are sometimes called "Poms" (why I don't know). The Barmy Army is not their nickname at all, but refers to the group of fans which go to cheer their team in the stadium with various musical instruments.

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    #670395 What is the relation between Black color and New Zealand?
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    Normally the New Zealand team is referred to as Kiwis and black caps name is being circulated recently for the team preference to wear the black caps during the matches.
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    Nicknames are generally associated with the dress colour or place or some national flower or animal or things like that. Later they themselves become symbolic of a particular group or person and are retained in the news and media. Sometimes nicknames are chosen to encourage or motivate like 'The unavoidable', 'The night storm' etc.

    Historically nicknames were created to show affection for a person. They were also given to the national level players or teams also. Even kings and warriors were nicknamed and were known by that name in the media.

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    I know that New Zealand team were called as kiwis but this recently we have heard many calling them black caps.

    As per the updates about the nickname, it says the nickname was given to them in 1998 by their team sponsors of that time - Clear Communications, who held a competition of giving a nickname to the New Zealand team, Many name came up but the winning name came from the they selected the nickname " Black Caps".

    Nowadays, they are known by both the names - " Kiwis and Black Caps".

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    Check this out -

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