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    Thank you IndiaStudyChannel

    When I first read about on online websites, I thought it would be spam or fake. I joined ISC 1.5 months ago and it has been a great experience. ISC provided me the perfect platform to pen down my thoughts into words, express my views and enjoy through those small fun activities such as MAP and story writing contests. In the second week of joining, ISC awarded me the 'Star of the Week' Award which is a big achievement for me. I have been able to earn Rs 700 in the first month (which I think is pretty good for a start). Getting my Adsense account approved is the next step which I think I would be able to in a few months. I want to thank all the editors (especially Vandana ma'am) who have guided me to make my articles and content better. I just want to tell all the newcomers that IndiaStudyChannel is a genuine website which really helps you to learn a lot in addition to earning.

    Thank you ISC!
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    Even I too thought the same thing when I joined this site but after spending a few days here I came to know that it's a genuine site and one can earn from this site.

    I joined ISC 9 months back and have participated in lots of contests but could not able to win them but to participate in the contests is enjoyable as through these contests we are able to pen down our creativity and imagination.

    I have always liked to participate in the ebook contest where one has to link up the previous responses and shape them into a story.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
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    It is good that the new members are getting a good feeling from their journey on this site. If you see the list of members you will find many members who are here for a long time and that will tell us about the value of the site. Nobody wants to waste their time without having any benefit like education, fun or earnings. Another point I like to mention is this site is very punctual in their payment irrespective of the amount. That will give more attraction to many members. Another aspect I noticed here is there will be a very good encouragement for new members and the other members and Editors will extend their help to the new members.
    always confident

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    A nice note of appreciation for ISC by the new member and being a member for last 2-1/2 years I also vouch for the same sentiments from my side for ISC. It is a very good platform for those who want to sharpen their writing skills and the meticulous scrutiny by the editors is one thing which is actually benefitting the members only. There are many sites in the internet where one can contribute and earn but this is a novel one especially for its contests and weekly/ monthly/ yearly awards. Due to the variety of sections one can choose to contribute as per ones interest and liking. The students and the young people who have an interest in writing should try to join here and feel the environment of writing and learning.
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    Nice testimonial, Rachi Bansal. Nice to know that you have started earning right from the first month.
    ISC Awards & rewards for quality contributions.
    Best Wishes to you to get more awards and rewards in ISC.

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    A good report for the site from a new member. It will really boost new members to join and contribute more to the site. This will help the site by getting new contend and the member in many ways ( Writing skill, vocabulary and revenue).

    This site has set good standard by moderating every post and keeping the best content in respect to grammar, vocabulary and language. This will help everyone, from students, teachers and parents to get good content for their use and reference.

    Thanks Rachit for the affirmation about ISC. This will really exhilarate the new joinees.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Rachit Bansal for making waves in the initial months of your joining and that proves you have the talent and ISC is the right platform to showcase it. ISC has been giving awards and rewards for those who have the niche for writing good contents, articles and have the creative mind among the lots. Now you have to concentrate on more such works and contribution and be a star performer always. Best assured ISC is the transparent site and your earnings would be safe and fetching as the days go by. Moreover, we all get the chance to improve our writing skill and understand many things during our stay here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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