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    What is the name you will give to Indo-Pak rivalry?

    As we see if Australia and England are playing then they called it as Ashes rivalry whereas Australia and New Zealand playing then they called it a trans-Tasmanian rivalry when India and Pakistan what is the name of that rivalry is it Kashmir rivalry or Border rivalry. Give a name to these arch-rivals playing at each other. Please share your thoughts on this...
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    I think there are many names for this rivalry. I think border countries rivalry may be a fit name for this. We many many issues between the two countries which are to be sorted out. But as the days are passing nothing is getting solved and more and more problems are getting added. As such I think calling border countries rivalry is very fit. We may also call forever rivalry. Because it will not get sorted out so easily and continue forever. If one problem seems to be sorted out another point will crop up and the continuity will never get broken in this aspect. So the fit name may be Forever rivalry.
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    We have many differences between India and Pakistan but major are on media and paper. It is the one and the utmost issue which will never subdue and can be brought in front of lane whenever we need to win election, religion and current problems. These are the problem that we talk in our country but when we get out of country, we hardly find a difference.

    Just ask people are working in other countries, they are working together and they find comfortable with them. They do discuss about the issues that is going on between the two countries and though many have differences but don't find it hard to compensate. Some of the issues are media made and some political. It is hard to say, all are bad but to fish the good is the thing that we lack and we just have being seeing , listening or taught about the difference. Have we thought what made it that way, we love our country and if someone tries to play with it, we stand against it. We just need to know to discern between the correct problem.

    Now coming to the thread, I would suggest Radcliffe boundary or PAIN(The first two letter of the 2 country) rivalry.

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    I really like the rivalry name suggested by Varghese, the Pain he gave. For me, it is Telangana dialect Kirkiree. That means those who have the tendency to take on at every drop of a hat.
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    Giving a name to the Indo-Pak rivalry is not a difficult thing seeing the long time confrontation between the two countries. These two countries are born out of the same main land and that way can be considered as the siblings. Someone can say twins to them also as they were born on the same day. I will prefer to name them as 'Born Enemies'.
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