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    Why criticize people posting contents when we ourselves use it?

    It has somewhat become a trend to criticize people who remain glued to the internet and social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and keep on uploading Photos, Videos, etc and post their content in different websites etc. But sometimes we forget that it is the same photos, Videos, and content that help us when needed when we google for any information needed. Take for example YouTube which today has videos on almost each and every topic in all areas like education, entertainment, cooking, Spiritual, Travel, etc and it just needs a click of a button to get video on any topic and get the information visually. Same is true for photos and images. Simple google search for Images gives us thousands of Images on any topic. I think there will hardly be any topics nowadays for which we do not have videos on YouTube and images on the internet. If you want to buy any product it really helps to read the reviews of the product before buying it. If you are planning an outing you search for destination, hotel reviews and photos before deciding where to go. Imagine how would the situation be if people did not upload Photos, Videos, reviews, blogs, etc to the Internet and YouTube. We would have been devoid of the convenience and virtual experience which we are undergoing today.

    Remaining glued to social media and internet is not a good habit but if we see another side of the coin we sometimes reap the benefits out of people who take out time upload content to the internet and same content helps us. So should we always criticize people who do this? In a way, they are helping society by taking out time to post the content.
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    Internet is a great source of information and if one is intelligent and knowledgeable enough, one can mine a lot of interesting and useful data from it for use in ones research and work. Only thing is one should have calibre to differentiate and filter the fake and junk data from it. To differentiate between a reputed site and a fake site is also a challenge as such new and updated dangers are lurking there on our heads all the time.

    Coming to the people glued to the social media and net, till it is useful for their work and profession, everything is acceptable but as soon as it becomes an addiction or obsession then the problems come because it starts hampering our work and priorities in life. So, this is the juncture where one has to stop, look back and come back to the normal life.

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    True. It is a revolution. We can get the information required within just minutes by google search any similar action through the internet. For the same information to get we were spending a lot of time in earlier days. I have to spend almost 3 months on completing a literature survey regarding my topic of research during my PhD studies. But these days the same information is being obtained by the PhD students in a very short span of time and thanks to the internet for that. Similarly, we will have many advantages from this internet.
    It is very good if we use this facility for useful and required work. But many people I understand are trying to spend their time on unnecessary activities using this facility. That is why there are many negative comments on this. The technology development is very good for mankind if they use it for constructive purposes. But if they are misusing the that is the fault of the individuals but not the development. But if somebody is getting glued to the computer for completing their tasks we shouldn't blame them I think.

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    Internet has brought the world within the reach of everyone. If you have internet connectivity and a device to operate it, you can get each and every thing on net, from a local place, thing to out of box content within a blink of an eye according to the network.

    The only problem with the internet is that we find good as well as fake news, write-up and information and it is our duty to search for a reliable source. There are ample sites which provides imprecise content and it can mislead us. We need to be careful and vigilant when using information from such sites.

    As the writer has made the correct point that we blame people for spending ample time on net by uploading various things but we need to know the truth that, due to these people, we get the information we need in out finger tip. Many people depending upon their interest upload contents about festivals, tourist spots, places to visit, new technology, fashions, tips & tricks, recipes, Institutes, colleges, courses, etc and it helps us or many other like us. We need to see this as a good thing and appreciate them.

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    A large number of people are posting the content in the internet and in that process some junk is also being accumulated. People who want to use some internet data have to avoid this junk and select material of their interest. Everyone is posting as well as using the data from this big source so there is no point in criticising a particular person because it is a collaborative ocean of data there in the internet. Everyone has access to internet in one form or other and many sites encourage the people to post there in various ways. In this process internet is going to be more and more massive day by day.
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